This week on The Real Word, Byron Lazine and Nicole White sit down to discuss Zillow’s launch of ShowingTime+ and what that means for agents, along with a CNBC article on amphibious houses and floating cities as a way to adapt to extreme weather. 

Speaking of which, “Left, Middle, Right” started with the imminent threat of Hurricane Ian and the opportunity it presents to real estate agents. 

The final topic was whether high schools are starting too early. Some school districts, like Nicole’s, are ahead of the game and have already changed schedules to give high schoolers a later start. But there’s more to this issue than you might think. 

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch: 

00:0000:14 Intro

00:14 Topic #1: “Zillow Launches ShowingTime+” (Inman)

03:55 Transaction friction

11:27 Topic #2 – “Amphibious Houses & Floating Cities” (CNBC)

17:28 The Line is even crazier.

18:34 Left, Middle, Right – #1 – Dangerous Strike Ahead

22:10 This is a great opportunity for agents.

24:26 LMR #2 – “High Schools Are Starting Too Early” (WSJ)

27:00 The other part that’s overlooked.

28:05 Why not have school year-round?

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