For many people, Memorial Day weekend means taking some time off with family and friends.

If you’re a realtor, though, you have two options on these holiday weekends. And a lot of it depends on how your business has progressed so far this year. 

analyze YOUR Numbers

 Start by looking at your year-to-date numbers. Historically in our organization, pending and sold numbers should be between 42 and 48 percent by the end of May in order to hit your end of year goals. So, if you’re trying to sell 100 homes this year, you should haven between 42-48 pending and closed right now. 

If you’ve made the decision to take some time off this weekend, I am all for it. You can’t work all the time and expect to keep improving your results. That would grind you down. Without refreshing, you won’t have the energy to push through, because real estate is a marathon. 

If you’re going away, there are two things you should be doing today, right now, and I would take action on these before anything else.

Steps to take if you are going away

1. Make contact. Call every single client you have – if they’re thinking about making a real estate transaction, or there’s some remote possibility they’re about to transact in the next three or four days – and let them know,

“Hey, I’m gonna be out of town. Here’s the game plan. Here’s the protocol.”

You To Your Clients

Because if you don’t do that, and let’s say you’re going away with some family or a significant other, everything is going to impede and linger into your weekend. It’s bad business planning – and bad business not to tell your clients the plan.

2. Arrange for coverage. You have to find some sort of vacation buddy or coverage while you are gone. You don’t want to be the agent that loses a client entirely because you didn’t plan ahead. However, there are a lot of people who do that. We know customers don’t care what you’re doing; they care about getting a house or getting their house sold or getting their transaction closed.

Steps to take if you are working on your business

Now, the flipside is, if you’re not feeling great about where your business is on May 28th, you have a real opportunity to lean into work.

And what I mean is there’s a huge opportunity this weekend to do a couple things. 

1. Make yourself available. Any lead that comes in, they’re going to be serious. They will be ready to transact. They will be ready to go do something. So if you make yourself available, and you’re out-hustling other agents, there’s a gigantic opportunity for you to catch up and push that percentage closer to where you want to be.

2. Lean in to opportunities. There’s also an opportunity with new listings hitting the market and with expireds coming off the market. If you jump on these opportunities, you’re going to get a lot more people on the phone. You may be able to out-hustle the market a little bit, out-work the competing buyer agent, and get offers accepted.

So, there’s these two options that you have in front of you: take time off to recharge or spend time on your business. And if you’re not using data to interpret them, then you’re not figuring it out. 

Make your decision and go all in on your choice. If you go away or take time off, when you get back from whatever that is, be ready for work. 

If you’re going all in this weekend, make sure you build in some blocks of time for a little R&R. 

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