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Federal Reserve Announces Rate Changes

As expected, the Feds announced this week the federal interest rate will increase by 0.5%, which means mortgage rates will continue to rise. Black Knight stated this will place housing affordability at its worst since 2006.

“As real estate agents, there’s going to be some products that are going to be a little more in vogue now, specifically Adjustable Rate Mortgages….That’s why it’s critical (as a buyer) to get someone who knows what they’re talking about.”

Tom Toole

Is a housing crash coming?

With the talk of rising rates and a pending recession, it seems like everyone is wondering when the next housing crash will be.

But David Childers sums up his answer to this question:

“Definitively, I would say no.”

David Childers

Understanding what’s coming in the industry is paramount to agent success. Are you prepared to educate your clients with data?

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T3 Sixty

Byron and Tom provide their takeaways from Rich Barton’s segment at T3 Sixty. During his time on stage, Rich discussed how Zillow values the agent as much as the consumer.

“This is the first time I’ve heard him say …when the agents win, consumers win, and we win…and that was a major shift in his rhetoric.”

Tom Toole

“He’s always been a consumer first, as he should…because when you have that mindset, you’re going to be able to help your partners a heck of a lot more.”

Byron Lazine

CEO Shares Changes to Instagram

Dr. Clickstein reports for duty again, breaking down what the CEO of Instagram announced about upcoming changes and how this impacts the branding of your business.

“The moral of the story is…you have to post original Reels.”

Dr. Clickstein

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