SEO isn’t just for Google. And even Google is aware. 

Google exec Prabhakar Raghavan recently acknowledged that social media platforms are becoming the preferred search engine for Gen Z:

In our studies, something like almost 40% of young people, when they’re looking for a place for lunch, they don’t go to Google Maps or Search. They go to TikTok or Instagram.

Prabhakar Raghavan

Senior Vice President, Google

So while the younger generations are looking for queries a bit differently than their *ahem* elders, they are still searching. 

To get your content to the masses, you need to optimize search engines no matter what platform you are using. Here’s how to boost your rankings with TikTok SEO. 

Choose Relevant Keywords

Yes, keywords are still a thing. In order to reach your audience on TikTok, create content around niche-specific keywords. 

Right now, you’re probably thinking, ‘But how do I pick the right keywords? Don’t worry. That’s what we’re outlining in this step. 

Here are three ways to find keywords:

  • Use a keyword tool. Plenty of free keyword tools allow you to type in a topic and get keywords based on online searches. Answer the Public spits out over 70 of the most common questions about any topic. This doubles as a way to come up with content ideas when you feel stuck. 
  • Use Google. While TikTok is fast becoming a search engine, it doesn’t have the amount of data Google has yet. Use Google search for autogenerated words or phrases that are popular. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the Google results page for ‘Related Searches.’
    • Use TikTok. Similar to Google, you can use TikTok to find relevant search terms. Type in a topic or question on TikTok’s search bar and see what else pops up.


    Use Keywords to Boost TikTok SEO

    Now that you have your keywords, you need to use them. Your keywords need to show up in three places for ultimate optimization on TikTok:

    • Text within the video. This is the text you write after recording. Make sure you put your keywords somewhere toward the beginning of your video. This lets the viewer know what they’re in for and boosts SEO.  
    • Caption. Include your keywords in your caption and as a hashtag. Experiment with captions of different lengths to see how they perform. 
    • The words you say. While recording, say your keywords when you are talking. TikTok turns these into autogenerated captions, and you want your keywords to show up there as well.

    Bonus: Double Your SEO Power

    After ranking your video using TikTok SEO, you can extend the life of that post using Google’s SEO. (A genius tip from Jason Pantana). 

    Simply embed your TikTok video in a blog post, expand on the caption, and be sure the same keywords are used in the title of your post, introduction, and blog copy. BAM! Now you’ve got double the SEO power.