If you tuned in for the Knowledge Brokers panel review of the NAR settlement, you know the changes coming in August create a huge opportunity for buyer agents. 

That said, taking full advantage of that opportunity will depend on what you’re willing to do to stand out as the go-to agent in your market for buyers. 

And one simple way to stand out as a buyer’s agent is to send calendar invites for all your showings. 

Space Coast Realtor Shane Burgman posted an Instagram Reel explaining why and how he does it as part of his system for property showings. And it’s too good not to share! 

Any time you’re showing a property, put it in your calendar and send your client an invite. 

After all, once the NAR settlement changes go into effect this August, buyer agents will need to get a signed agreement from each buyer before showing a home. One way to ensure the buyer knows you’re invested in keeping them well-informed every step of the way is to send them proof they’re on your calendar. 

When you’re putting the event on your calendar, give it a title you and your client will instantly recognize—and one you can use consistently for every showing. 

Shane uses “Preview Property,” but you can use whatever you want as long as it clearly communicates the event’s purpose: to view properties. 

For the event location, Shane uses the starting point of his home showing tour. If you’re only showing one property, that property’s address will be the location. If you’re showing more than one, use the address of the first home you’ll be touring. 

4 Reasons to send calendar invites for all your showings

Shane presented four reasons to send calendar invites to your clients for every showing. 

#1—It’s organized and leads to a better experience

For Shane, the part about the calendar invite is he can include a link to his digital tour sheet in the description of the event. 

That tour sheet shows the client all the homes he’ll be touring with them and in what order. The client can then add the event to their own calendar, plan their route beforehand, and ask any questions they might have before the day of the showing. 

#2—It shows you prioritize everyone’s time

Sending out calendar invites makes you stand out as a buyer agent because it shows your clients they’re on your calendar—which means you’re prioritizing them. You’re making time not only for the showing itself but also for making sure your buyer has all the information they need. 

You’re making it easier for them to add the event to their calendar, which saves them time and demonstrates your commitment to showing up for them. 

#3—It shows that your business has structure

When your client receives a calendar invite to the showing you’ve arranged for them, they can see you have a system in place, which reassures them that you know what you’re doing. They can see how organized you are and how important it is to you to keep them in the loop. 

A key reason Shane uses the title “Preview Property” is because he uses a text reminding software called Appointment Reminder, which he set up to comb his calendar for anything that includes that title.  

The software then sends a text reminder to the client to ensure they don’t miss the appointment. 

#4—You can nerd out on data

If you’re a data nerd like Shane, you can go through your calendar, searching for the set of keywords in your title (in Shane’s case, “Preview Property”) and see all the showings you’ve done this year, last year, the past month, or any time in your career as a real estate agent. 

Knowing those numbers helps you set goals for the next month, quarter, or year. You can also do this to review the number of showing appointments you set up for a particular client. 

Of course, this only works if you’re sending out calendar invites for every showing. 

What do you think of Shane’s system for property showings? Head over to Instagram and share your thoughts.