If you want to create a video that attracts a particular kind of buyer—or seller—Jason Cassity, head of The Cassity Team in San Diego, CA, just created a two-video masterclass on how it’s done. 

One video profiles a buyer couple looking for a detached coastal San Diego home. The other video describes a “just sold” in Carlsbad, CA to let sellers in the area know the home had four offers and sold over asking. 

Read on to see the ads for yourself and learn more about the results Jason and his team are seeing from them.

The Buyer Profile Ad

The first ad is live on Instagram and provides a brief but detailed profile of a buyer couple looking for a detached home in Coastal San Diego. The caption starts by saying they’re running the ad “all over Facebook and Instagram” before adding, “but maybe you can help.” 

Smart. Most people will admit they like to be helpful. On some level, we suspect everyone does.

The ad starts off by saying, “If you’re seeing this message, it’s on purpose,” inviting the viewer to pay closer attention. Because what follows could be something they’re meant to hear. 

Jason and his team are finishing up the process of selling their condo in downtown San Diego, and the pre-approved buyers are looking to move in the next 30 to 60 days. 

The video ends by saying, “We’ve seen everything on the market and we just haven’t found anything that works. So, if this sounds like a match for you, please reach out to me and let me know and see if we can put something together off market.” 

The “Just Sold—with Buyers Left Over” Ad

The other video advertises a “just sold” in a specific Carlsbad, CA neighborhood—with at least three interested buyers left over. The purpose is to let potential sellers in that area know there’s a strong likelihood of attracting buyers ready to make an offer on their home. 

Jason starts by addressing the specific area and telling his viewers that if they’re seeing that ad, it’s on purpose. 

He then announces he and his team have “just sold a home in your neighborhood” and gives out the address for the property. 

“…We ended up selling over the asking price and had four offers. What that means for you is we have three more people looking for a home in your neighborhood. So, if you’re interested in selling, and you want access to those buyers, or to see what we can do for you to get the same results we got for Sitio Corazón, please reach out to me and let me know. Maybe we can work out something off market.”

Jason Cassity

(from the video ad)

Getting started with video?

So, now that you’ve seen these video ads, and you know they work, how do you create your own? 

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