DO: try to get DM’s from your stories. 


IG values messaging as one of, if not THE most important forms of interactions on the app. So, in your stories you should try to post content that generates reactions and messages. The more “replies” a story gets, the more views it gets.

You can do this by giving a call to action or by asking a question. For agents, this can be something as simple as, “What’s your dream neighborhood to live in?” Or “how much do you think this house is listed for?” You can even encourage DM’s by literally saying, “respond to this story if you want to see the rest of the listing photos.” That way you can get their email and send them a link to your property website. Lead GENERATED.

In The Broke Agent stories I like to encourage DM’s by posting text convos and treating it like a post-caption – saying something like, “What would your response be?” OR I just post a ridiculous bad real estate pic and say, “Please explain wtf this is.” This gets the convos going in the DM’s, which gets the story more views, and by transitive property gets the feed posts more engagement because of all the message interactions. Here’s an example of something I would do…

I could also just do this as a Question and post the best responses with the actual music. That’s an engagement bomb.

MOST importantly for agents, think of the DM’s are your leads. Once you DM with someone you have elevated the interaction from follower to BEST FRIEND. Get them on a fat drip campaign until they unsubscribe and eventually block you on IG! But seriously, treat your DM’s as leads and foster that relationship.

DON’T: bunch your Instagram stories.

(Unless your stories relate to one another and need to be back to back to literally “tell a story” or provide context.)


I have found posting too many stories in a row (that don’t relate with each other) over a short time period decreases my views. People click through at a quicker rate and don’t react as much because it’s nonsensical.

On The Broke Agent I let my stories marinate a little to build up engagement and get more views before I fire off more bullshit. I’ll post something early in the AM to get the IG engine started and then wait a couple hours before I fire off the next one. I continue doing that throughout the day to catch people at different times. I just keep feeding the algorithm like an absolute SAVAGE!!!!!! Anyway, try spreading out your stories throughout the day and I bet you get more views. Of course I would like to reiterate that if your stories are actually “telling a story” and need to be back to back… do it.  But, if the stories are completely unrelated, get your thumb off the trigger and wait it out a little.

DO: start each day’s IG Story with your most engaging content FIRST.


Starting your IG Story with something like a re-share or feed share will hurt your views for the rest of the day. If nobody engages with your story at the beginning of the day, IG is less likely to show it at the top of people’s feeds throughout the rest of the day. It’s like the first few seconds of a Reel: if people click off in the first three seconds your engagement is destroyed.

So, try to start the day off with something engaging like a poll, question, or content that will get DM’s, shares, or reactions. Post a picture of yourself naked or something extremely politically charged. This really works for FB stories because you can actually see a preview of what the story is. OH, and always share your IG Stories to FB Stories there’s an option for it on IG.

DON’T: post too many re-shares to your story.


Yes, it’s awesome when people share your content or tag you, but re-shares THROTTLE engagement. It’s an immediate click through. Don’t get me wrong, it does establish a little post credibility and proves people like what you’re putting down, but you should try to keep it limited to one or two re-shares (from the coolest people of course) per story. But, it does provide a little FOMO if everyone is sharing your post and you re-share those… so do it at your discretion.

When I get tagged in stories I like to screenshot it, crop it so it looks clean, and then share it to my story and tag whoever tagged me. Also, I always try to provide context to what I’m sharing with text overlaid on the story to explain what’s going on. Instagram likes when you customize your own content in your story.

If you follow these simple rules, you will book a one-way ticket to ENGAGEMENT CITY on IG Stories.

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