We are entering the season of real estate conferences

It’s a time to network, learn, and be inspired by the best in the business.

And at least one event this year is sure to break the mold. 

We’re talking about 1000Watt’s Turn On event, set to take place in Portland, Oregon, from March 21-22, 2023.

A recent interview between Byron Lazine and 1000Watt’s cofounders Marc Davison and Brian Boero breaks it all down to give you a taste of what’s coming. Because this is unlike any other real estate event out there.

And in it, we announce a special offer you don’t want to miss!

1000Watt takes issue with the term ‘personal brand’

If you’re wondering how this event—or its hosts—will be different from the legions of other hyped-up real estate events (and we’ve been to several that deserved the hype), the root of it is Marc Davison’s and Brian Boero’s willingness to stand apart from ideas that are generally-accepted in the industry. 

One of those ideas is personal branding—an idea that started in the 80s, and one both Marc and Brian are still working to untangle. 

I think the term ‘personal brand’ is a spun-up fabrication that’s gotten hyped up because it sounds good. Because we all know what brand is. We all grew up with, like, the Mattel brand or the Nestle brand, the Nintendo brand. I’ve never met anybody that didn’t have an affinity for some brand that defines them…So, when you say to somebody, ‘You–-your person—can be a brand,’ that’s like saying to somebody, ‘You’re gorgeous,’ or ‘I love you.’ It makes you feel good…. But, getting back to this personal brand thing, it’s a fabrication. There’s really no such thing. Even the people you look to and say, ‘Well, Kim Kardashian is a personal brand,’ no, she’s not. She’s a brand. And, well, what’s the difference? Because the Kim Kardashian that you see is not who Kim Kardashian is. That’s a manifestation. That is architected.

Marc Davison

Co-founder of 1000Watt

In the same episode of the Byron Lazine Podcast, Marc urged listeners to “take the word ‘personal’ off.” Because there’s nothing really personal about it. 

It’s not about the real person behind the brand. It’s about the feeling you get when you invest in that brand, when you use something like an iPhone or wear a specific brand of clothing or drive a specific brand of car. It’s never about the real person behind those brands. It’s about the chemicals those brands produce in you—and the messages you take from them. 

What is the “Turn On” event all about?

Now that we’ve given you a taste of what you can expect from the hosts of this event, what is Turn On all about? And where did it get its name?

What it means is to open yourself to what is new, what is different, what diverges from all of the things that have always been done…and turning on the lights in your brain and your heart and your soul to things that you normally maybe wouldn’t consider, being a resident of this big, wonderful industry. And I put myself into that category. It ties into what [Byron] said—that we are an industry that is characterized, in many cases, by inertia. And we’re saying, ‘Look, put on the brakes. Stop and look around for a couple days.’

Brian Boero

Co-founder of 1000Watt

The Turn On event does things differently, with “No ‘moderated’ panels. No pitched guessed as content. No ego massages for big shots.”

Turn On is designed to challenge you to think differently. And BAM will be there the whole time, doing a live news broadcast in a lobby filled with think-tank activities. 

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What (or who) is 1000Watt?

If you don’t know what 1000Watt is all about, this is the premier branding agency in all of real estate. They’ve worked with some, if not all, the biggest brands in the real estate industry.

Marc came from outside the industry, working at an ad agency. Both he and Brian bring an outside-real-estate point of view to this event, bringing in a variety of speakers, some from the industry and some from outside of it, to truly challenge the “panel pontification” (in Byron’s words) that is typical of so many real estate events.

The goal of 1000Watt is to take what both founders have learned from within and outside the real estate industry to get agents looking beyond the limiting ideas so often repeated, with only slight variations, from one real estate event to another.

Real disruption starts within 

One of the major themes for the Turn On event is disruption—and not the kind that’s too often associated with the word. 

Real disruption starts on the inside. And that’s where agents need to look. 

In the pre-event video linked to above, Byron asks Marc how an agent can start looking within when they’ve gotten so accustomed to looking at what other agents are doing. After all, most real estate events encourage agents to do exactly that. 

“It does require outside help to get it done… We do a lot of talking about branding, but what we’re really talking about is building business…That’s really what the end result is….You get the branding right and nail that science, you have to sell this. You’re attracting more business to you because of the brand, not because of the features of what you’re selling or even the surface-level benefits of it. This is all about getting your business right and creating more appointments, more closings, more transactions, more revenue.

Marc Davison

Co-founder of 1000Watt

Real disruption starts within and is essential to creating a true brand identity, which, as Byron put it, is you but also bigger than you. And the work of creating that takes more than one person. 

Because, often, it takes an outside perspective to help you see the inside more clearly. 

Seats at Turn On are going fast

Agents across the country are signing up for the Turn On event because we’re not alone in recognizing the need for a real and genuinely helpful disruption of failed playbooks in the industry.

And aside from the high-value, disruptive speakers (who are well worth the price of admission), attendees will have the opportunity to connect with Marc Davison and Brian Boero, as well as with BAM co-founders Byron Lazine and The Broke Agent (Eric Simon) and BAM’s lead film producer, Bobby Kawecki. 

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1000Watt’s Turn On Event
March 21-22, 2023
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