By now, everyone knows that it’s crucial to be visible on every platform, but when it comes to TikTok, it feels impossible to know what content will perform well. Every week, we’ll be giving you a list of viral TikTok sounds to use to increase your visibility and chances of going viral. 

Here’s what’s trending this week:


For those moments where you need to keep your shit together after hearing something shocking.  


like come on i am SO CLOSE to 100K

♬ oh - CY

#2—It’s Worth it

I love the way this lender used this! There are countless parts of being in real estate that involve some mental fortitude that you could use this sound to talk about.

@chaddjohnsonkc This both the quickest way to save for a down payment and inevitably come to blows with the family. #Meme #savemoney #mortgagetips #homebuyingtips #mortgagehacks ♬ original sound - Chadd | Mortgage Tips

#3—I pay attention to things most people ignore

What’s something that real estate professionals can’t help but notice that the rest of the general public is oblivious to?


your smile faded a half a second too quickly and now my psychology major is coming in handy

♬ original sound - bella