Every agent needs to prioritize creating captivating content on TikTok, but it’s not always easy to find inspiration. This week, we’re taking the guesswork out of creating TikToks with viral potential with trending TikTok sounds. 

#1— Watcha Doin

Great opportunity to talk about all the times you’ve been caught wasting time or doing something you shouldn’t be doing.

#2— That’s Awesome

This sound could be used to reveal any TMI moments with clients or joke about a disaster that happened in your business. 


At least im going into psychiatry

♬ original sound - Cute little pet 💕

#3— Make Your Own Kind Of Music

I can think of countless opportunities to use this trend in this industry.

@salvy93 #CapCut just about every kitchen i worked in had this happen #fyp ♬ Make Your Own Kind Of Music - Mama Cass