By now, everyone knows that it’s crucial to be visible on every platform, but when it comes to TikTok, it feels impossible to know what content will perform well. Every week, we’ll be giving you a list of viral TikTok sounds to use to increase your visibility and chances of going viral. 

Here’s what’s trending this week:

#1—Where’s Rick 

Use this sound to talk about a time when a client wanted you to go too far with helping them. 

@turboweezy this actually happens very often #utahesthetician ♬ original sound - fil

#2—I might die 

The “luxury agent” resisting the urge to put “top producer” in their Instagram bio:

#3—The untrained eye

This sound is a great way to joke about non-agents trying to talk about the market, home inspections, or a host of other real estate topics.