As 2022 comes to an end, I have compiled a list of the top 10 BA posts of the year. These aren’t ranked by engagement. They are ranked for VERY particular reasons, which I explain in this blog. 

But first, I would like to provide some value before we get into my self-congratulatory BS list.

This is now the third year in a row that I’ve done a “top ten post of the year” on the @thebrokeagent account, and it’s become one of my favorite content pieces. Why? Because it gives me ten additional posts that I don’t have to come up with and because I already know they have performed well with my audience. 

I usually hate reposting old content and try to be original with everything in the feed. But you have to remember that less than 10% of your followers actually see your content, and probably only 10% of those people even remember it. Every year that I’ve reposted my old content, it performs just as well, if not better than the first time I posted it—because nobody saw it the first time and because the following has grown. 

So, I highly recommend doing this on your account. You don’t have to save it until the end of the year, and you don’t have to announce you’re doing a “top ten.” Just repost videos that performed well in the past. It’s that simple. 

Let’s get into the list.

10. The Jurassic Park shit meme.

I actually hate this one because I didn’t come up with it. My friend, who isn’t even in real estate, sent it to me and suggested the caption. I’m not going to give him the glory of mentioning his name. But it ended up being one of my first videos to hit a million views, so I had to include it. It is pretty funny too…

9. POV: A realtor in the car.

@kylesprague sent me this, and I immediately knew it was gold. I added in “Creep” By Radiohead, and it worked perfectly for some reason.

8. How to work out as a real estate agent.

@brandonwaltztherealtor posted this, and I touched it up with a Kid Cudi song perfectly on beat. He crushed this. I can’t emphasize enough how important background music can be to making a video work.

7. Buyers’ Dads training together to kill deals.

Out of the ten thousand buyer dad memes I’ve posted, this is my favorite. An actual inspector named Mike Totino sent this to me, and it’s hilarious. 

6. What it’s like your first year in real estate.

This is one of those simple concept videos that isn’t actually funny but always crushes because it’s easy to understand and super shareable. The “Don’t You Worry Child” song brings it home.

5. Cocky Agent announces new listing at the office meeting.

I posted this like five years ago, and it’s still my favorite video. It didn’t even perform that well, but it reminds me of when I filmed this on Snapchat with a filter during the “good ol’ days.” This is what I did in my car in between showings.

4. The Current State of iBuying.

 I just love what this symbolizes, as the iBuying industry got destroyed in 2022. Realtors are not being replaced by algorithms anytime soon. 

3. 2022 Be Like.

The Property Brothers In Law exploded on the scene in 2022 and made banger after banger. This one had like 18 million views on their page.

2. That Agent who wears a suit to the office just to use the printer.

The caption, the Lollipop song in the background, the ridiculous suit, and the fact that it’s Russel Wilson make this a work of art.

1.When calling your clients with bad news, always have good news on deck.

This is my favorite post of the year because of the beginning breath, the timing, and Miles in the background. 

Honorary mention

Just because it captures 2022.

There you have it. THE LIST. Thank you to everyone who has engaged with my content all year. Hopefully, I can keep the laughs going in 2023. May the force be with you all.