When Instagram announced it was getting rid of its iconic “Swipe Up” feature in Stories, I thought my career was over. Thankfully, for me and everyone else, Instagram replaced the Swipe Up (which was only accessible to accounts with 10,000+ followers) with a Link Sticker.

Now, anyone with an account can plug whatever link they want in their stories, essentially making us all mini influencers.

Here are three ways to get people to actually click those links in your IG stories.

1. Rename your Link

When you add in your URL, you will have the option to “Customize Sticker Text.” Do it.

If you don’t, the link will appear as the URL which is unsightly, boring and looks like a link… One of my favorite tricks is to rename this link with something more appealing. Give a call to action like “WATCH NOW” or “Click this or DIE!”

I also like answering a question with the link as the solution. For example, you could say something like “Do you want to see a new listing I have coming on the market?” Then put your link as something cheeky like “YES, of course.”

Look familiar? It’s why you are HERE! I did this EXACT technique in my story and it’s probably why you’re reading this. So, you know it works. Test out different calls to action and have fun with it. 

BONUS HACK: Use an arrow sticker to point at your link to give it more attention.

2. Set It Up

Try not to start a story with a link. Instagram probably doesn’t like it when your first piece of content of the day is something driving people off the app. Build up your story with something engaging first, set it up, and then drop the link as you begin wracking up views. I like to preview my links with an IG story in Create Mode that explains what I’m about to plug. It’s like a cover slide for a presentation.

BONUS HACK: Sandwich your link between two engaging pieces of content. Try to make the story before the link and after super engaging so your story continues to get views before, during and after your plug.

3. Don’t put multiple links in the same story

On our BAM account we have so much content to promote that this is difficult to avoid. We have daily blog posts and shows that need to be linked through Instagram. However, on The Broke Agent account I try to only have one link per day. Links usually hurt your overall story engagement, so if you litter your stories with links it’s going to throttle the potency of the MAIN place you want to drive traffic. Use links thoughtfully.

“Honestly, these tips are so fucking valuable, I should do an entire Instagram video course on this stuff.” 

Dr. Clickstein

Oh wait, I did!