On this week’s episode of The Walk Thru, Marley Presswood and Andrew Undem join Dan Oneil and The Broke Agent to weigh in on the “swipe right/swipe left” iFinder app that matches sellers with buyers/investors—like a Tinder for real estate

Next, The Broke Agent shares his thoughts on the return of Instagram photos. The conversation then turns to other platforms, including LinkedIn and Twitter, and the responses each have gotten to photo dumps and other non-video posts.

For the third topic, all four react to an Inman article quoting Compass CEO Robert Reffkin, who calls home offices the “killer of culture.”

The conversation wrapped up with a brief discussion on the upcoming Tom Ferry Elite Retreat in Las Vegas—what it’s about, who’s going, and what they’ll be talking about.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0003:56 Intro

03:56 Topic #1: “Swipe right for a house” 

08:32 “It isn’t solving any problems.” 

09:30 Could work as an app matching agents to buyers/sellers

10:42 Topic #2: Instagram photos will get more focus in 2023

12:47 Marley’s “insane” results from a photo dump

16:27 “Content distribution is queen, and she wears the pants.”

23:00 Topic #3: Are home offices the “killer of culture”? 

32:19 “No one wants to be the person who keeps saying ‘Zero’.”

35:27 Topic #4: The Tom Ferry Elite Retreat in Las Vegas

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