You probably know your social platforms should contain a mix of value-add information, entertainment, and a dash of your personal life. Some people do this by alternating between the three. So their feeds look a little like this: funny video, market update, trending sound, seller tips, family photo.

But, others have mastered the craft of blending value and entertainment seamlessly into one post. 

It’s called Edutainment. 

Edutainment gives two value adds: it’s the information you are actually getting, and it’s good content. We like the thought of blending education and entertainment so much, we incorporated it into BAM’s tagline: The key to surviving real estate: Industry News, Edutainment & Humor. 

Dan Oneil, aka Danny Deals, did this perfectly in a recent post:

In fact, it’s so good that he’s evolved from Danny Deals to Daniel Deals.

This post is crushing it. It has over 10,000 likes. Even better, there are over 3,550 comments, which proves how engaging edutainment is. Well, some of those comments might be because he did a $5,000 giveaway contest for comments… which is insane. But my point remains: it’s a fun, engaging video.

Let’s break this content down from a marketing and real estate perspective so you can go out and create your own edutainment. Or, just steal this idea from Daniel Deals. Whatever works. 


Whiteboard videos are always incredibly engaging.

It’s fast-paced, it’s visual, and the viewer retention is ridiculously high because you have to watch the entire thing to understand where he is going. The white board acts as one continuous “keep watching” CTA.

Dan hooks the audience by jumping right into the problem. It makes viewers stop and ask, ‘What’s this guy doing?’ The text on the thumbnail and in the caption explains the problem, making viewers engage with the entire post to understand why this lunatic, I mean real estate agent is doing math on a whiteboard. 

He’s also got attention-grabbing text overlay, someone answering questions off-camera, and he runs through the problem quickly. All these elements make people want to keep watching—and maybe even watch more than once if they missed something. 

The Education

On the flip side, Dan provides valuable information in response to a question he gets asked hundreds of times a week: Is now a good time to buy?’

This is the perfect way to educate consumers. By answering the questions they are asking. 

And you don’t have to be a math teacher to break down the numbers. Just pull up a mortgage calculator. The thing that makes this video value-packed is that Dan is explaining what these numbers mean and using data to prove that buying now is actually a cheaper option for many. Plus, he gives extra tips about buying down mortgage rates and the current climate of the market.

By fitting in a ton of information into a short video, Dan will likely get more questions from consumers, like, ‘How do I buy down my rates?’ or How did you calculate the monthly payment?’ This opens up the door to more conversations and, eventually, more deals. 

Moral of the story: use a whiteboard as a visual in your videos. Or just give away five grand.