Buying a home is often an overwhelming process, even for repeat homebuyers. For first-time homebuyers, the experience can range from a bit of added stress to a traumatic nightmare that follows the buyer for the rest of their lives. 

In today’s shifting market, homebuyers need an advocate. And when it comes to actively shopping for homes—boots on the ground—professional real estate agents are that advocate. 

Even the biggest disruptors recognize how important agents are. At this year’s T3 Sixty Summit, Zillow CEO Rich Barton spoke of partnering with agents, marking a shift in the company’s attitude.

And’s newest brand advocate—the “House Whisperer”—shows how real estate websites are using technology to compete for the attention and trust of prospective buyers before they’re ready to contact an agent. 

Whether or not consumers connect with the campaign is yet to be seen. But either way, the character is worth a closer look. 

Who is the House Whisperer? announced their new heroic figure, developed in collaboration with Erich & Kallman, to serve as an expert guide for homebuyers and a trusted voice for their brand. 

Whenever a potential buyer is scrolling through home listings, all they have to do is express some of their angsty thoughts about buying a home: 

  • “Oh, I love this house! But can I afford it?”
  • “Can we get by with one and a half bathrooms instead of two?”
  • “So many houses! Where do I even begin?”

“Bitten” for the benefit of homebuyers everywhere

So, what makes the House Whisperer a trustworthy guide for frazzled home shoppers?

First of all, he was born and raised in houses (#relatable). And it doesn’t hurt that he has a cool origin story: ever since he was “bitten” by a house as a young boy, he’s had the uncanny ability to communicate with them. 

One gentle touch and any house, whatever its troubled past, will reveal all its secrets to him. 

Shopping for homes is stressful and often confusing. The House Whisperer is here to reassure and entertain users with some cheesy deadpan humor—and sound advice, using language that resonates with the consumer. 

At® our mission is to be a trusted guide for consumers as they navigate the ups and downs of the housing market, something that is more important now than ever before. Real is in our name, and it’s something we’ve always been. We’re not trying to push someone toward a home they can’t afford, we advocate for each and every homebuyer and help them find a home that is perfect for their family. The wise house whisperer really embodies our brand voice and how we want home shoppers to think of us – as a trusted source for unbiased information, a guide throughout their journey and yes, even a renegade with a cool hat.

Mickey Neuberger

Chief Marketing Officer at

Wrapping up each video with the words, “To each their home,” the House Whisperer is the new voice behind®’s brand story. 

Top takeaway for real estate agents

With conflicting advice coming from all directions, homebuyers need to know where to find accurate information, so they can make decisions they won’t regret. 

And while tools from platforms like and Zillow can answer a few of their preliminary questions, you’re the one they’ll rely upon to get them through the whole process of buying a home. And you don’t need a badass origin story to do that (though it can’t hurt). 

Use the resources at your disposal to be your client’s “market whisperer.” Be the one they can count on to keep them informed and answer every question. And give them a reason to brag about you to everyone they know.