If you remember watching Full House in the 80s and 90s, you can almost understand why so many of its fans flock to the actual house whose exterior is used in the show. 


Yes, we know the indoor scenes for the show were actually filmed on a studio set (not inside the actual Victorian row home in San Francisco). 

Actor Bob Saget—who played the role of Danny Tanner—described the home as “architecturally impossible” given the spacious indoor living room fans see in the show. Given the typical dimensions of Victorian row houses, the home would have to be bigger on the inside. 

And yet, the show still managed to make the home’s facade a star in its own right. 

The show’s creator, Jeff Franklin, bought the home at 1709 Broderick Street in 2016 for $4 million and, at first, planned to remodel the interior to look like the series set. 

Neighbors, apparently, took issue with that. After all, folks were already flocking to the site to take photos of the home’s exterior. The parking situation must have been a nightmare—and would no doubt have gotten worse if the home’s interior matched the set (to the extent possible).

So, despite the home’s “iconic” status, the owner decided to convert the home into a “modern, high-tech Victorian,” erasing the 1980’s family home aesthetic, and invested heavily in renovations before relisting it in 2019. 

The house eventually sold in 2020 for $5.35 million.

Realtor.com recently put out a carousel post with images of the home’s renovated interior.

Seems not everyone is impressed by the results of the home’s makeover. 

Comments on the Instagram post were mixed, with some complimentary responses interspersed with criticism largely (but not exclusively) fueled by nostalgia for the homey look of the series sets. 

Here’s a sampling of those comments: 

  • “I get that a lot of people are into the clean modern look, so if the buyers are happy with it that’s great. However, as a fan of the show I wish they could have made it a little more cozy and not quite so desolate like you’re in a museum. The show, the house during it , the remake, etc. It made everyone and even now makes everyone who watches feel that comfort and family atmosphere and this remodel doesn’t give that homey feeling 🤷‍♀️” (@alyssa.culbreth) 
  •  “Nice! Inside space looks small. But it’s the kitchen for me! 👍🏼” (@eddyoneil87) 
  • “I’m gonna be sick why does it look like a hospital it lost its inviting look 😭” (@flaming.eaux) 
  • “You all do realize that the inside of the house was a set right?” (@donitalashawn81)
  • “That backyard is hideous tho 💀” (@prestonfenton) 
  • “Wtf is up with everything being a boring grey and white?!😫” (@justcallmeamelia) 
  • “Yall, the show was not filmed inside of the home. They just filmed the facade lol. But I do agree, that’s an “interesting” choice for the backyard.” (@tahlor_nichole)
  • “Ew no, put it back how you found it” (@alexaxlouise)
  • “A tragedy” (@returntoneptune)
  • “This is stunning” (@beachpleaseee)
  • “Blue and brass looks cheap . Stop ruining your kitchens!!!” (@jackryanrealtoraz)
  • “Beautiful backyard. It’s lovely. Some people have no taste.” (@renaissancerealtor)

The gamut has been run. 

So, what do you think of the new look for the “Full House” home? Would you have done the same with its renovation?