The rankings are in for a record-breaking year with the RealTrends + Tom Ferry The Thousand.

Real Trends received 23,190 qualifying submissions for this year’s rankings – 31% more than last year – with 13,687 agents and 10,223 teams. 

This year’s 1,000 designees represent the top .065% of the 1.6 million licensed real estate agents recognized by NAR in 2021. 

The remaining submissions, which made America’s Best, represent the top 1.49%. 

Real Trends + Tom Ferry The Thousands is a collaborative effort between Real Trends – a trusted source of industry data – and Tom Ferry International coaching. Its annual, national rankings yield interesting and valuable insights into the real estate industry. 

Compared to the 2021 Rankings

In 2021, top-performing agents and teams closed an average of 241.2 transaction sides – up from 211 the year before – setting a new record for the 2022 rankings. 

Top individual agents had an average sales volume of $253.8 million – up from the previous year’s $213.2 million. The average ranked team closed $257.5 million in sales volume, compared to $213.2 million in 2020. 

And for the first time in the history of these rankings, the average sales price for individual ranked agents exceeded $1 million. 

Small teams lead in agent productivity

Small teams of one to five licensed real estate agents closed more transactions than either medium or large teams, leading the pack in terms of agent productivity. 

Steve Murray, founder of the rankings and a senior advisor to RealTrends, suggested this may be because smaller teams have closer relationships with their agents, along with tighter controls. He added, though, that it’s hard to say for certain what gave smaller teams the edge.

Most top agents and teams work with a well-known brand

About 96% of qualifying individual agents (13,119 out of 13,686) and 94% of qualifying teams (9,657 out of 10,223) worked with well-known national or regional brands. 

Here are just a few of the brands whose agents and teams made the top 1,000: 

  • Compass (California)
  • Douglas Elliman (New York)
  • (Texas)
  • Keller Williams Springfield (Missouri)
  • Long & Foster Real Estate (Maryland)
  • Berkshire Hathaway (California)
  • Coldwell Banker Realty (Florida)

Ranking breakdown

The Thousand is made up of two groups: 500 agents and 500 teams. Each of the 500 agents is broken down into two subgroups with 250 awardees each: 

The 500 teams are broken down by team size:

  • Small (1-5 licensed agents)
  • Medium (6-10)
  • Large (11-20)
  • Mega (21+)

Each of those team groups is divided again by transaction sides and sales volume to create eight team subgroups with 63 awardees each:

Ranking teams and individual agents by transaction sides and sales volume draws attention to agents who did spectacularly well by focusing one of those niches – either by working with a high concentration of high-priced homes (for sales volume) or specializing in maximizing transactions in lower-priced markets. 

Check out the rankings here