After three clips from my first podcast with Taya Dicarlo went viral on TikTok, I had to meet up with her again, this time with The Broke Agent. 

Anytime a post gains traction, there will be haters. I love the wild commentary on TikTok, but many, like Taya, experience the whole gambit of emotions. She went from laughing it off to wanting to cry, to fighting back…and even ended up deleting TikTok from her phone for a week. 

After the initial shock of the trolling remarks wore off, Taya joined me to respond to the comments. Tune in for our full conversation here.

Lazy Agents or Greedy Realtor?

In the first clip below, Taya shared her frustration about agents who don’t bother to put any numbers into the MLS:

Here’s one of the comments the clip received: “Karen vibes. She doesn’t understand that some of these people paying below market price might be families with no additional resources.”

Most of us know that a single clip can easily be taken out of context, and that’s what happened here. Taya grew up with a single mom who lived paycheck to paycheck, had to ask the landlord for more time to pay rent, and filed for bankruptcy, so she understands the situation tenants are in.

On TikTok you have these little snippets, things are taken out of context, and even though nothing in that video ever talked about encouraging landlords to evict tenants, people hear the word tenant….and immediately go to, ‘This woman is all about the almighty dollar and being ruthless.’ When really, all I was talking about was the fact that realtors are lazy and don’t put numbers in the MLS.

California’s Current Market

In the next clip, we got a lot of trolls about saying there was a ‘mass exodus’:

“I think what people were very much upset about was saying the word mass exodus. Mass exodus is a big exaggeration. What I want people to know is even though a lot of people of left Santa Monica,and have left parts of LA, the value has still gone up because there’s still a lot of demand, and California as a whole has a housing shortage.”

Appreciation vs. Cash Flow

Finally, this clip got people fired up the most. We discussed investment properties, and many people missed that we were specifically speaking about Beverly Hills:

“We are in the middle of a very unique time in real estate. We’ve had unprecedented growth over the last 12 years, and no one knows what’s going to happen at this point. So people in their adult lives have only seen huge appreciation.

If you’re looking for actual cash flow in LA county, you’re going to have to go to areas that are maybe not that desirable and that are not going to appreciate as fast (as other areas).”

Watch the full episode for more of the trolling comments, our reactions, and how Taya deals with some of the viciousness that appears on TikTok.