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Every real estate agent who creates content knows the sinking feeling of hitting post, only to realize you’ve missed a crucial detail for maximizing engagement on Instagram.

Sound familiar? We’ve all been there.

To save you the trouble of deleting and reposting (because who has time for that?), I’ve compiled a powerful Instagram checklist specifically designed for real estate agents.  This ensures your content hits all the right notes and performs at its peak.

Key Elements for Peak Instagram Performance

The complete checklist includes eight action items. And while that sounds like a lot, each one is just a simple, quick step. When all eight are complete, it makes for a fully optimized Instagram post. 

For example, I always make sure to include:

  • Tags for collaborators
  • Audio set at the right level
  • A location tag
  • ManyChat (or any automation) is set up and working properly

It’s a simple checklist that can save a lot of time and hassle. So do yourself a favor and check out this Instagram post checklist to save yourself the effort of having to delete and repost something again.