Sometimes, coming up with new content ideas feels like a never-ending battle. 

You know that maintaining an engaging social media presence is crucial for building relationships and staying connected with your sphere. But brainstorming content ideas can be draining.

Fortunately, Luke Acree, President of ReminderMedia, is giving ideas away. 

As Luke notes, if you’re aiming to attract buyers and sellers, you need to do two things:

  1. Provide value 
  2. Solve their problems

Here are three social media ideas that will showcase your expertise and prove your worth as a real estate agent.

#1—Reel Post: “What questions should I ask during a home showing?”

Put this common home buyer question on top of a five-second video of a home walkthrough. 

Include “See Caption” as text overlay to direct people to the caption, where you provide the most important questions home buyers should ask when touring homes. Many first-time buyers don’t know what to look for or ask about when searching for a home. By providing them with information upfront, they can feel more confident and empowered in their homebuying journey.

Bonus: The Reel will loop in the background as people read the caption, boosting your views

Additional Reel questions you can ask (and answer in the caption):

  • “What to look for in a Home Inspection Report”
  • “How to get your home ready before a showing”
  • “How to tell the difference between a fixer-upper and a money pit”

#2—Carousel Post: “Where to find the best coffee/pizza/yoga class in [your town]”

Find three to five of the best local businesses and put one on each slide, along with a photo of the business or product. 

These posts not only position you as the ultimate authority on all things local but also help forge strong relationships with community businesses. Plus, they’re highly shareable, as folks will want to bookmark the best spots in town for future reference.

Additional “Local Best-of” Carousel post ideas:

  • Best kid-friendly local park 
  • Best restaurants for date night
  • Best gyms in town

#3—Single Image Post: “If you want to move in [month], start looking in [month].

Create a simple chart to showcase the average timeline for people who want to make a move. Many people don’t know how long the process actually takes. 

Don’t forget your CTA: In the caption, tell people to send you a DM if they are looking to move soon. 

Additional single image post ideas:

  • List of local contractors
  • List of home cleaning services in town
  • Seasonal home maintenance checklists (one for each season)

Mixing these types of posts into your social media will help you provide value, solve problems and cement your reputation as the go-to expert in your community.