The home was just days away from escrow when Sacramento real estate agent Matthew Hindy discovered four squatters had moved in. 

CBS News Sacramento covered the story in a report posted to YouTube

Imagine you’re days away from selling a clean, vacant property when another agent tips you off that something suspicious is going on. 

That’s how Hindy found out his client’s property on 14th Street in Sacramento had been broken into by four people. 

I saw people running in and out of the garage, so I immediately called the Sacramento PD and they were here within minutes.

Matthew Hindy

Sacramento real estate agent

Hindy says the police broke down the door and found what he estimates as thousands of dollars in damage from the four fake residents. One room was full of personal belongings, including shoes, a variety of plastic bins, and an air mattress. The squatters had even set up wi-fi. 

There were these signs up here, too, that said, “Beware of dog” and “No trespassing” in the window. So, automatically, I knew that someone was in the home because these weren’t here.

Matthew Hindy

Sacramento real estate agent

As the CBS reporter pointed out, Hindy had just days before found a homeless woman sleeping in a North Highlands home he was selling. 

It happens often. So, this is not the first time. It won’t be the last time.

Matthew Hindy

Sacramento real estate agent

Hindy said he’s now considering installing cameras on the vacant properties he sells to prevent this from happening again. 

The neighbors feel violated

Neighbors on the street say it’s a close-knit community, and at least one went over to welcome the squatters, thinking they had new neighbors.

They now feel violated and less safe than before. Many have young children whose safety they feel was endangered by the squatters, who told neighbors they were the new homeowners.  

One neighbor shared the following with reporter Tori Apodaca: 

“I’m amazed that they were here for a week or two without anyone knowing. They took the signs down…and they were really, really nice—I mean, at first.” 

The reporter reached out to the local police department, which confirmed the four squatters had been arrested for burglary but could not confirm any other details. Hindy has meanwhile notified the new buyers of the situation and will be remodeling before they can move in. 

Watch the full video for more details.