Imagine selling 100 listings in four days! 

That’s what the SERHANT. sales team accomplished for Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami—one of the largest residential development projects currently under construction in Florida. 

With over 2.5 million square feet, Mercedes-Benz tower has 791 branded residences with prices ranging from $750,000 for a studio to $4 million for a three-bedroom condo. Penthouse residences have yet to be released. 

As the first branded residence project in the U.S. for Mercedes-Benz, the apartments’ design showcases the theme of “Timeless Design, Inspired by Miami.” 

The tower is currently under construction in the Brickell neighborhood at 1 Southside Park. But in advance of a physical (on-site) suite launch in the fall, the SERHANT. sales team went with a wholly digital launch, using online presentations in three languages to attract prospective buyers across the globe. Emerging AI technologies provided additional translations. 

 The first launch presentation had over 1,000 online attendees. And within four days, 100 of the units were locked down by sellers based in the U.S. and around the world. 

I’m completely taken back. Since announcing the project just a few weeks ago, we have received unprecedented interest from around the globe. This is a passion project for our firm, and it’s incredible to see the outpouring of admiration and excitement for Mercedes Benz Places in Miami. Our success thus far is a true testament to JDS and the power of our brand partner. Mercedes Benz Places is creating a legacy for Miami real estate.

Ryan Serhant

Chief Executive for SERHANT.

Introducing Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami

The Mercedes-Benz tower is a new project being developed by JDS Development Group—the company responsible for some of the world’s most impressive and transformative skyscrapers of the past ten years. 

The residential project is part of the Mercedes-Benz licensing business by Mercedes-Benz Customer Solutions GmbH (GmbH is an abbreviation for a German phrase meaning “company with limited liability”). 


Working in collaboration with award-winning SHoP Architects, the design team has worked to ensure the residential structure embodies the Mercedes-Benz design philosophy of Sensual Purity

And judging by the digital renderings of the development, the Mercedes-Benz tower will stand out in the best way possible—a visually stunning piece of architecture that blends well with the whole Miami aesthetic. 


Residents at Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami will enjoy immaculately landscaped grounds as well as breathtaking views of the Miami skyline, Biscayne Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. 


Foundation work for Mercedes-Benz Places in Miami is underway, with initial occupancy planned for 2027. 

With more than 130,000 square feet of amenities and hospitality space, residents and guests of the new development will gain access to a range of customer-centric living solutions. 

Amenities include: 

  • 200,000 square feet of office space
  • Health and fitness facilities
  • A 174-key hotel
  • Retail outlets
  • On-site parking
  • EV charging stations
  • Valet parking
  • A car fleet for occupants
  • Bicycle and scooter sharing

JDS Development Group is collaborating with ReWyre, a leading commercial proptech platform, to develop mobility and innovative digital solutions for the project.

Brickell neighborhood makeover

The development project for Mercedes-Benz Places goes beyond the tower and its surrounding landscape to include the entire Brickell neighborhood. 

Through its collaboration with renowned urban landscape designers, Field Operations, the project involves a reimagining of Southside Park as an urban oasis with a canopy of trees and native vegetation, including mango trees and shortleaf figs. 

The big-picture regeneration strategy supports a wide range of environmentally-friendly activities to benefit not only the residents of Mercedes-Benz Places but also the entire neighborhood, with energy-efficient production and water conservation. 

Even the entrance gives off a vibe of calming, sustainable luxury. Watch the video on to hear Ryan Serhant’s pitch and soak up the visuals.