On this week’s episode of Between Two Lock Boxes, Dan O’Neil grills Ricky Carruth and Juan Barreneche on Free Coaching, eXp, the best way to grow your email list and their respective business pitches.

In about 13 minutes, they cover the following: 

  • Ricky’s haircut 
  • Whether Juan would rather get into production or live in New York for the rest of his life
  • The purpose of Ricky’s free coaching with Zero To Diamond
  • The best way to grow an email list – or to grow a following on any platform
  • F**k, Marry, Kill: Tom Ferry, Byron Lazine, and Juan Barraneche
  • The choice of starting from scratch with Instagram or with a new market
  • How Ricky feels about paid coaching in general
  • What made Ricky get into content and hit it so hard
  • Ricky’s pitch for eXP
  • Juan’s pitch for Goldbar – and for Danny

Watch the full episode for more:

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