For today’s episode of The Walk Thru, Byron Lazine and The Broke Agent welcome back KCM president Dave Childers and extend a warm first-time welcome to Lisa Chinatti, an owner and broker with the number one team in the entire state of Massachusetts. 

Today they discuss real estate’s biggest question, Flip Flop Gate, and an outstanding Blink 182 real estate parody. 

The Question

First up, we want to answer the biggest question buyers out there are asking: “Should I buy a house right now?” 

One of their big concerns, as David Childers pointed out, is their fear that housing prices will go down. No one wants to buy a property that may be worth less in six or twelve months. 

This is why agents need authoritative visuals like KCM charts to back them up when they talk to buyers about supply and demand in the current market and what that means for them — especially in terms of home value appreciation and household wealth. 

When you have constrained supply, which we have had over the last 14 years, you bring a tremendous amount of demand in the market, that keeps upward pressure on prices… Here’s one thing I am willing to declare and make a bet, absolutely, on this podcast: in five years, homes will be more expensive than they are today. It’s just a question of by how much.

David Childers

Keeping Current Matters

Flip Flop Gate

Next up, The Broke Agent stirred up some controversy with a Facebook post that addressed a pet peeve many agents had shared with him in a previous post.

Not long after posting, 700 comments rolled in. And quite a few of them took it personally. Some tore into him for “lecturing” them on their footwear. 

Byron recalled an agent of his who preferred to go barefoot. He asked Lisa and David for their votes on beach flip-flops at showings. 

You hear this a lot, and I’ve heard this from agents in the last month, ‘If they don’t like me for who I am, then I don’t want to work for them.’ Well, you happen to be running a business. So, are you trying to make friends or are you trying to build trust in the community so that you can be the educator of your business in your space? Which one is it?

Byron Lazine

I think, as the market continues to play out over the next couple of weeks and months and potentially over the next year, agents are going to have to earn the business in a way that they have never had to do since like 2020, 2019 even. Trust is a big part of that.

Lisa Chinatti

Blink 182 Parody

The Broke Agent shared a Blink 182 parody he watched, crediting Tim Macy of Real Brokerage for sending him the link. 

Colin Schindler, the talented lead singer/parodist – aka the @robedrealtor – put together a $20K production uncannily similar to the actual Blink182 “All the Small Things” video – but with a real estate twist. 

The question Byron posed is whether a parody video like this can help you get consumers. Lisa focused on the agent-to-agent referral business that can build your brand. For David, the opportunity to elevate your brand depends on what you do when a post goes viral.

This one piece has already picked him up almost 800 followers.. There’s agents talking about referrals in the comments. He has all this exposure, now. I’m sure he’s gonna get invited on podcasts, probably OverAsk podcast, maybe this show, and that continuous exposure is fantastic for his brand.

The Broke Agent

Watch the full episode for more.

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