Seasoned real estate agents know client appreciation goes a long way and can lead to more business recommendations from previous clientele. 

One of the best ways to give your client a token of your appreciation is by giving them a small gift once they close on their home—it’s something we practice at Odigo Real Estate Club

Real estate closing gifts are not a new concept, but there is some shift in the industry today. 

How much should you allocate toward a gift? What are meaningful closing gift ideas? Let’s dive in.

Closing Gifts to Avoid

Before exploring some of the best gifts for real estate agents to give their clients today, let’s review the industry standards many agents have stuck to for decades. 

Learn why these ideas are outdated and not as appealing as they once were. 

No Gift at All

While most agents agree that real estate closing gifts are part of the job, some consider them unnecessary. After all, other professionals who provide a service don’t give gifts to their clients. They simply do their job and let that speak for itself. 

While closing gifts aren’t necessary, giving one to your clients can leave a lasting impression and make your client feel appreciated. 

Overt Marketing Items

Since one goal of giving real estate closing gifts is to have clients recommend you to others or use you in the future, it makes sense to brand yourself in one of the gifts. 

A practical gift could be a wooden cutting board with your real estate team branded into it.

However, you’ll cross the line if you give them a gift bag full of tacky marketing items like pens, notepads, and magnets advertising you or your brokerage.

Small Token for a New Home

For years, gifting agents generally stuck with items the client could enjoy in their new home, including small tokens like:

  • Bottles of wine
  • Candles
  • Kitchen knives
  • Cutting boards

Gifting these items continues to be a nice gesture and shows your appreciation. However, they are fairly cliche and don’t suit every client. 

You can make a stronger, more lasting impression by thinking outside the box. 

Unique and Practical Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

The best real estate closing gifts strike a balance between practicality and personality. How can you find a gift that checks off both of these boxes? The tips below will make a huge difference. 

Give It a Personal Touch

Who doesn’t love a personal gift? Your clients will appreciate the gesture much more when you present them with a closing gift that suits their interests and lifestyle

Say you close on a home for a young couple who mention they travel a lot. A garment bag or piece of luggage would be practical for their lifestyle. 

This idea won’t have the same effect when you give it to a single parent with little time for travel. 

Keeping detailed notes in your CRM makes this approach much easier. Before closing, go through all your notes and look for patterns: What do they frequently talk about? What are their hobbies? What are their future plans and goals? From here, look for a gift that either aligns with their passions or is a practical step toward a future goal. 

Gift Card to a Local Shop or Restaurant

Gift cards may seem like a generic closing gift, but your clients will love them as long as you make them personal. Take note of a buyer’s interests and future lifestyle inside the home. You can get a gift card to the following places:

  • Hardware stores: Did your client buy a fixer-upper they plan on renovating before moving in? Give them a head start with a gift card to a local hardware store. 
  • Furniture shops: First-time homebuyers often need to furnish their new place. Present a gift card so they can easily fill their home with quality items. 
  • Restaurants: Go to a nearby restaurant so your client can enjoy a nice dinner to celebrate closing. 

Subscription or Delivery Service

Rather than a one-time gift, you can arrange a monthly subscription or delivery service. Again, consider your client’s needs and lifestyle. If they’re busy parents with little time to cook, they’d love prepared meal kits to show up at their door. 

Homeowners with large gardens or pools can benefit from services that tend to these outdoor features

Smart Home Gadgets

Modern technology can simplify daily tasks and give homeowners peace of mind. Doorbell security cameras are extremely popular for home monitoring. Smart home speakers with virtual assistants make it easy to set timers, listen to music, and much more. 

With some creativity, you can give thoughtful and practical real estate closing gifts your clients will love and remember for years to come.