When writing The Conversion Code, I went deep into research of sales conversations. I poured through data showing the best days of the week to call, best time of day to call, conversation length, key words, and other tactics that convert leads.

But one finding was really eye-opening for me: Cursing increases win rates. 

No f*cking joke. 

Permission to Curse

If you’ve been holding back on using language that feels natural to you, consider this your permission slip to throw in a few curse words when speaking to prospects. 

@conversioncodechris Do you trust a salesperson more if they curse with you on a call? #salestiktok ♬ original sound - Chris Smith

When both the salesperson and the buyer curse, there is an 8% increase in close rates, according to data from Gong:

Source: Chris Smith

I had no idea that so many people were already cursing openly with leads and customers. But the data speaks for itself. 

Increase your Sales Conversion

So, how can you use this information to up your sales conversion? When you think about it, the possibilities are endless. 

The most obvious is to take note of the tone and vocabulary of the people you are speaking with. If they have a friendly, conversational tone and drop a swear, you know you are in the clear to do the same. Just think of the trainings you can do with your ISA team!

Aside from that, you can start saying what you really mean in your listing descriptions:

As swearing feels more appropriate and not quite so frowned upon these days, you can also come up with some catchy new slogans for day-to-day real estate happenings:

When asking for a referral: I worked my ass off for you, you better send me some business.

Before a home inspection: Cross your f*cking fingers.

Working with motivated sellers: I got bitched out earlier today.

Consumers don’t want a filter

Listen, cussing is not for everyone – and I’m not saying you should start dropping the F-bomb if you’re not comfortable with it. 

When I first started speaking on stage, I received a complaint or two about the language I used. Some of my mentors warned me about swearing. Meanwhile, there’d be 100 people lining up to take a selfie with me. That’s when I realized – I think most people are okay with swearing, and I understand if it’s a deal-breaker for the ones who aren’t. 

What this data really shows is today’s consumers want you to be real. People prefer you to be genuine and honest. If, similar to Gary Vaynerchuk, using some curse words makes you comfortable when communicating, then, by all means, use that in conversation. 

At this point, the stuffy three-piece suit persona of business is a fallacy. Ditch the filter and be honest in your communication.