No agent can do it all and grow their business. 

With all the hats a real estate agent wears, trying to do it all by yourself—especially when looking to scale your business—is a recipe for disaster.

Broke Agent Media partnered with Virtudesk to create a series of three ebooks to help you find, interview, hire, onboard, and manage the right virtual assistant for your business. 

This first ebook is all about identifying the tasks you’ll be delegating to a VA—and creating your job description.

After reading this free guide, you’ll know… 

  • The signs you need a VA to level up your business
  • Different types of VA available
  • Tasks each type of VA can do
  • Hard vs. soft skills 
  • The essential elements of an effective job description
  • How and where to find a great VA 

As an agent, the best investment you can make is growing your team, and for many, that means adding a skilled virtual assistant to help with all the tasks involved in running a real estate business. 

With a great VA on your team, you can focus on the things you should be doing every day—things that require your unique skill set. 

What are you waiting for? Grab your free copy of the ebook and dig in! 

Once you learn all the ways that a virtual assistant can help you grow your business, connect with Virtudesk. Their trained, experienced assistances will allow you the opportunity to focus on what you do best. Spend more time on revenue-earning activities and less time on things you can delegate.