Last week, I went to the Real Estate Video Blueprint in Houston, Texas. Here are three things I learned from this killer event. 

#1—Technical tip for YouTube ads

The first tip comes from Tom Ferry coach and marketing expert Jason Pantana. If you’re putting money behind YouTube advertisements, consider—

  1. Leaving them as unlisted (don’t publish to the public), or—
  2. Creating a separate YouTube page 

This helps to ensure your paid ads don’t mess with the analytics from your main YouTube content.

#2—Don’t ask for permission

Tre Serrano, one of the speakers, jumped up on the stage to say that nobody is going to give you permission to show up on the internet. 

That really resonated with me. Don’t look for anybody’s blessing. Just show up and put out your content.

#3—The “deal of the week”

Number three is from the one and only Sharran Srivatsaa. He talked about a deal of the week, amongst a lot of other things. 

Specifically, he talked about sharing one deal—something you find in the MLS—via video or text message to your client, called the “deal of the week.” 

The basic format goes like this:

  • Subject line
  • Property Address
  • Asking Price
  • Key Characteristics
  • My Highlights
  • Call to Action

Here’s an example:

Deal of the Week, Sharran Srivatsaa

If you are looking for more, check out all of Sharran’s Deal of the Week Examples here

And, if you want to see my entire presentation from REVB, watch it here: The Mindset to Be Creative