Real estate agents often get a bad rap, especially in pop culture (looking at you, Selling Sunset). 

But we know that agents aren’t heartless monsters who eat their young, and there are a few Realtors in TV and film to back that up. Here are the most famous fictional Realtors, ranked by BAM.

Phil Dunphy, “Modern Family”


Coming in at #1 is Phil Dunphy, a professional family-oriented Realtor who isn’t afraid to let his personality show. Phil Dunphy gives agents a great name, which is refreshing, given the insincere way they are often portrayed in TV and movies. 

His golden retriever energy, paired with the fact that he does things like host seminars to educate first-time homebuyers, makes him our favorite fictional agent. 

Plus, he gave us the amazing “Realtor’s Lullaby.”

Carol Stills, “The Office”


Carol Stills is regarded by many Office fans as another one of Michael Scotts’ girlfriends, but did you know they met because she played a RE/MAX agent who sells Michael his condo?

In the episode “Office Olympics,” Carol is seen coaxing Michael into signing the paperwork for his 30-year mortgage. We hear from Michael that there is only one basic rule in real estate: you should never be the best-looking person in the development.

While their relationship didn’t work out in the series, the actors are married in real life, and she makes several more cameos throughout the series, including the finale episode where she sells Jim and Pam’s house. She earned some brownie points for remaining levelheaded while dealing with the nonsense from Michael and Dwight.

Karen Calhoun, “The Watcher”


Karen Calhoun is introduced to us as a friendly Realtor who befriends the new owners of 657 Boulevard after she sells it to them. Netflix even made a promotional open house video featuring Karen leading up to the release of “The Watcher” last fall.

However, as the series progresses, we discover that Karen is a complete schemer who uses scare tactics to encourage the new owners of 657 Boulevard to put it on the market. 

This, of course, was after using scare tactics to convince them they were being stalked by some creep who wants them out. Once she gets them out, she knocks down the price and moves into the home herself. Clearly, she needs to review the code of ethics. 

While she certainly gets what she deserves in the show’s finale, she leaves most viewers with the idea that agents are conniving brown nosers who can’t be trusted.

Jen Harding, “Dead To Me”


Jen Harding, a grieving widow and real estate agent, is the main character in the Netflix hit “Dead To Me.”

While she may be a perfectly good Realtor, who we see hosting the occasional running open house, Jen is much more concerned with covering up murders and navigating a messy personal life. So for our list, she comes in at #4. 

What do all these characters seem to have in common? Even though they have a ton of time when they’re not working, they never seem to run out of new business. If only.