This week on The Walk Thru, two of The Agency’s finest, Victoria Velazquez and Sarah Knauer, join Captain Dan Oneil and The Broke Agent to discuss, first of all, a BAM article on surprising home features buyers want—enough to pay a premium for them. 

Next up is another BAM piece on home prices rising for the first time in eight months, followed by an Inman article on a Miami agent and former model who was attacked by the OBN hacker

Topic #4 is an unreal, mesmerizing, and must-see listing video hook by Paige Steckling

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0004:58 Intro

04:58 Topic #1: Top 10 home features that are surprisingly enticing for buyers

16:00 Topic #2: National home prices rise for the first time in 8 months 

22:06 Topic #3: “I was attacked by the hacker OBN” 

34:00 Topic #4: Must see listing video hook by Paige Steckling

39:33 How to handle influencers who use showings for content without crediting the agent

45:44 Predictions on who’s going to win the Masters 

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