Remember the days when the coveted blue checkmark was reserved solely for celebrities and public figures? 

Us, too. 

Last year, Meta rolled out Meta Verified, giving anyone willing to pay a monthly fee that blue checkmark, along with impersonation protection, improved account security and priority access to Instagram support. 

Well, it must be working. Because now, Meta has announced it is testing out three new verification tiers specifically tailored for businesses. Let’s dive in. 

Overview of Meta Verified for Businesses

Meta’s introduction of new subscription tiers under its Meta Verified service marks a strategic expansion aimed at businesses. 

Previously tested in regions like Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, the service is now rolling out globally, reaching countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy. This move suggests a positive reception from businesses during its initial phase, with plans to include WhatsApp in the near future.

Last week on The Walk Thru, The Broke Agent, Dan Oneil, Jason Cassity and Marley Presswood broke down what it means for real estate agents:

Key Features Across All Tiers

All tiers of Meta Verified offer fundamental benefits (aside from that blue checkmark) that many real estate agents have already opted into: 

  • Verified Badge: Enhances credibility by indicating that the profile is an authentic representation of the business.
  • Enhanced Account Support: Provides tailored support, reducing downtime and resolving issues quickly.
  • Impersonation Monitoring: Protects against potential scams or fraudulent accounts that could damage a business’s reputation.

Breakdown of Meta’s New Verification Tiers

Meta’s tiered system allows qualified businesses to choose a plan that best fits their needs and budget. Prices are for a single Facebook Page or Instagram account. 

  • Business Standard Plan ($14.99/month): Offers a verified badge, improved search ranking, and customer support, along with an enhanced profile and search optimization.
  • Business Plus Plan ($44.99/month): Includes all standard features with the addition of having the opportunity to be a featured account linking capabilities in up to two Reels per month.
  • Business Premium Plan ($119.99/month): Extends the benefits of the Plus plan with priority customer support and expanded profile customization, a “More featured” account, up to 4 links in Reels, Employee impersonation protection and customized messaging chats. 
  • Business Max Plan ($349.99/month): This top tier provides the most extensive features, including semi-annual account reviews from Meta experts to refine content strategy, a “Most featured” account, and up to 6 links in Reels per month.

You can review the full list of plan benefits here

Is this good news for real estate agents?

As Jason Cassity said on The Walk Thru, the $15 a month is “almost a must at this point” for the impersonation monitoring alone. But what about the higher-priced tiers? Cassity is willing to test out a higher tier and is especially interested in a greater reach and links in Reels. 

While Cassity is ready to test things out, Marley Presswood has some hesitations. With such vague tier descriptions, she’s left wondering:

  • What analytics or data points come with Reels links (if any)?
  • What does it really mean to be a “Featured” account? 

“I have a lot more questions before I’d spend $350,” Presswood said, “But I do like the annual review.”

Dan Oneil said he would “sell his soul” for more engagement. In all seriousness, Oneil noted that better reach could replace (at least in part) social media ad spend. For agents or businesses spending $500 a month on Facebook ads, if content is being featured more and is really reaching a bigger audience, then $350 doesn’t sound so bad. 

The Broke Agent summed things up by reminding everyone that Instagram is always changing:

“It’ll be interesting to see how this actually progresses. We’re not business accounts, a lot of us are just creator accounts…so it will be interesting to see how that influences your common algorithm. If now we are just going to see a bunch of ads and businesses and links, that will suck for the Instagram experience. (But) if it sucks like that, Instagram does do a pretty good job at adapting to its audience.”

The Broke Agent

Watch the full conversation here.

Clarification on Meta’s New Tiers

A few days after Meta’s announcement of the new tiered system, Instagram coach Brock Johnson released an update clearing up one of the questions circulating online: What does it mean to be a featured account?

After speaking with a Meta rep, Johnson learned that the new Meta verification tiers will not impact reach, ranking or distribution. Becoming a “Featured Account” simply means the account will be featured in a new part of the Feed.