In last week’s Walk Thru, the age-old question, “How often should you post on Instagram?” came up. 

Why bring it up now? Well, for starters, Meta has been having actual phone conversations with Instagram creators and revealing exactly how often to post each week. 

So, if you rely on Instagram as one of your top marketing channels, keep reading. 

The Broke Agent himself, marketing phenom that he is, was surprised by what he learned: In a recent call, a Meta representative recommended posting three to five times per week, according to @diggs_design.

This is a new revelation, everyone, because all we’ve heard over the past 5-6 years from the Gary Vees, the Grant Cardones is volume, volume, volume—quantity. Just keep flooding your feed with Instagram posts. I’m pulling back; I used to do two to three times a day. I’m doing six a week now.

The Broke Agent

He’s not the only one who’s been posting less than before. The name of the game now is quality over quantity. 

Read on to learn how all four Walk Thru hosts reacted to the news and what they’re doing now to grow their brands and maximize meaningful engagement on Instagram. 

You can also watch the whole conversation below, starting at 2:01

What’s working on Instagram?

So, have we really switched from “keep flooding your feed” to “quality over quantity”? 

Tennessee real estate pro and content creator Marie Lee has noticed better results when posting less frequently. She also commented on the inclusion of Stories in Meta’s 5-6 posts a week.

I notice when I’m posting more and more frequently, my engagement just kind of plummets—the views, the engagement in general. I think it’s interesting. I think right now I’m posting maybe three to four times a week but I find it interesting that they’re counting Stories as a metric in this because I don’t think anybody was thinking about that. Everybody’s thinking, ‘How often should I be posting on my feed? How many Reels should I be posting?’ etcetera… I can focus a little bit more on the quality of the content I’m putting out than the quantity.

Marie Lee

As The Broke Agent pointed out, “This is good news for everybody,” especially those overwhelmed by the thought of posting once or twice a day (which is most of us). 

Lindsey Jo agreed and shared a tip for ramping up your visibility on the platform. 

I’m definitely quality over quantity. I’m posting about one to two times a week right now. I started noticing that my engagement for Reels was significantly down, so I’m not even posting Reels right now unless it’s a collab to get in front of someone else’s audience to get better engagement… So, I’m definitely slowing down on the amount of posts. And we all know that when you take a break from Instagram and start slowing down on your amount of posts, Instagram wants you to become obsessed with the app again, and I think you get better engagement the next time you post after you take a little bit of a break.

Lindsey Jo

The Broke Agent can confirm. If you suddenly slow way down with your Instagram posting, the algorithm will take notice when you post again and put your content in front of a larger audience to get you hooked on the app again. 

Because IG wants you on the platform, whether you’re posting new content or scrolling through your feed. Dan Oneil has drastically reduced the amount of time he spends doing the latter. But he’s taking Meta’s recommendation with a grain of salt. 

I think everybody is different. But I think the overarching theme is…what works for you, Eric, is going to be different from what works for me, Marie, and Lindsey Jo. But I think it’s important to find out what does work for you. And it’s important to track that, and it’s important to experiment. But it’s most important to track so, that way, you know. And that way, you can start switching up your content and putting it on different platforms.

Dan Oneil

So, here’s the final takeaway from the latest recommendation from Meta: 

Quality over quantity is what is in right now—especially now…there is such a spotlight on real estate agents after this NAR settlement. Everyone’s wondering “What are real estate agents going to post? Are they making fools of themselves? Are they posting memes? How are they going to approach the situation?” And it’s all about value-based content quality now. I think this is a welcome shift.

The Broke Agent

What do you think of Meta’s recommended posting frequency? Head on over to Instagram and share your thoughts.