It’s already May. This year is basically over. Forget the intro. Let’s get into some content ideas. 


May 4th: Star Wars Day

Share some Star Wars Memes/real estate memes. Use Star Wars audio like “The Force” and try to make one of these happen with your hand: getting an offer accepted, opening a lock box, turning off the lights, etc. 

Maybe throw a Yoda quote up on your IG story and see if any of your clients are nerds like YOU!

May 5th: Cinco De Mayo

Let people know the best spots to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Review local Mexican restaurants or go Green Screen mode and talk about your favorites.

Better yet, make tacos or margaritas and give a market update. Some of the best-performing content on TikTok and IG right now is people making food and talking about a different subject. These videos retain attention and give the eye something to look at while the information is being delivered. 

You can also do a tequila giveaway and host a contest on your page for people to guess the price of a new listing. 

May 14th: Mother’s Day

Create content around your favorite Mother’s Day brunch spots. Maybe even make a few reservations and give them to your clients/followers.

You can also tie in some jokes about your open house and why you should bring your mom. Showcase features about the house that a mom would LOVE or explain what a mother-in-law suite is. 

May 29th: Memorial Day

Tell a story about a friend or family member who served. Share information about local Memorial Day events, parades, or ceremonies. Showcase military-friendly neighborhoods or content around veterans. 


All Month: NBA and NHL Playoffs

Basically, every night for the next couple of months, we will be blessed with hockey and basketball playoff games. Most notably, Steph Curry and Lebron James will face off in the Western Conference Semifinals, renewing their rivalry in one of the most intriguing second-round matchups of all time. Personally, I despise the Warriors and will be rooting hard for their demise. 

All Month: MLB Regular Season

If you’re ever looking to give away tickets for a professional sporting event, baseball is probably your best option. The tickets are cheaper than the sports in the playoffs, and the stadiums are much larger. Also, with the new pitch clock, baseball games no longer last three and a half hours. Clients love free tickets.

Kentucky Derby: May 6th

The most exciting two minutes in sports returns to Churchill Downs on May 6th. I have no idea how you can relate this to real estate…maybe highlight houses with equestrian features? This seems like a difficult one to trendjack unless you live in or around Louisville. 

May 18th-21st: PGA Championship

Perfect for agents who spend 8 hours a day on the golf course. 

May 28th: Indy 500

Ricky Bobby content always hits. Or any jokes about Realtors in cars speeding to a showing.


May 19th: Fast X

Another Fast and Furious will be sure to produce plenty of memes about “family.”

May 26th: The Little Mermaid

Seems like everything in Hollywood is a remake or a sequel. This will be the most talked about movie in pop culture towards the end of May.


Continues to be the best show on television. There are so many scenes that relate to real estate transactions.


More than ever, algorithms are focused on RETENTION. Do whatever you can in your Reels and posts to keep people on that post as long as possible.

If it’s a video, make sure you have an attention-capturing hook, followed by quick cuts with no dead space and cues throughout (whether it’s text or verbal) to keep people watching until the end. Shares, saves, comments, and likes are great, but keeping people on the post for its entirety is what really determines engagement at this point. 

You may not have it yet, but there is a new metric on Instagram to see how long people watch your videos. Look at this every time you post a Reel so you can analyze where people dropped off and make adjustments to future content.

For more social media tips for real estate agents, check out BAMx for The Ultimate Instagram Course, where I go deep into all things Instagram. This is the best Instagram course in the game for real estate agents.


#1— Sign here

A great sound to joke about contracts that are sometimes impossible to get signatures on.


We got em! We f*cking got em!!

♬ original sound - heplaysgames

#2— I Have Plans

Couldn’t think of a better way to poke fun at the high school deadbeat to luxury agent pipeline than using this sound.

#3— That’s Interesting

A great sound to expose your white lies or lack of knowledge on a topic.

@leeann.braun Toys have an expiration date around here. Also, if it’s smaller than my finger, it belongs in the trash. 😅🗑️🧸 #scarymommy #momlife #toys #toypurge #springcleaning #toyroom #momsanddaughters #momsoftiktok #funnymom #parents ♬ original sound - Memes about stuff

#4— Someone Sedate Me

There are a lot of situations in real estate where you may feel like you need to be sedated. Whether it’s an overcrowded open house, an overstimulating past work experience, or clients that make you want a Xanax, most agents can find a way to participate in this trend.

#5— I Just Left

We’ve all walked into a scenario where we’ve wanted to follow in the footsteps of Kris…