A Philadelphia home with a cemetery in its backyard has taken the internet by storm. 

The three-bedroom, two-bath house features new updates throughout, an immaculate deck, and a backyard that people are dying to get into.

Property History

This place is an excellent example of how agents can market less-than-desirable listings to close a deal. While it may seem like it was an overnight sensation, this viral listing has a bit of history. Let’s break it down.

According to its Zillow listing, the property was sold in 2021 for $145,000. After being fully renovated, it came back to the market in June 2022, listed for $329,000. Four months and several price changes later, the listing was removed on October 9. At the time, the price had dropped to $310,000. 

Enter the new year.

On January 5, the property, listed by Cheryl Newton, came back on the market, this time for $325,000. And it didn’t take long for it to gain some attention. As of January 30, it was pending a sale.

So, what made the difference? We don’t know what the listing looked like last June, but based on what we’re seeing today, a little preparation and some marketing moves have made all the difference.

Let’s take a look.

Upgrades & Staging

We’ve heard it a million times, but the value of good staging and necessary renovations can’t be overstated. This listing agent (and seller) did everything right, from creating a spa-like feel in the bathrooms to focusing on the warm and cozy aspects of the home. 

Price It Right

With the new updates, some agents may have opted for a higher price. This agent clearly took the graveyard and neighborhood into consideration and priced this home accordingly.

Professional Videography & Photography

A lot of agents might skip out on professional videography for a place like this. But with the help of drone pilot @ronwilliams215 and real estate agent @destinysherierealty, a viral video was born. Destiny Carter, an agent who specializes in luxury real estate, posted the video on her Instagram as part of a series on luxury listings on a budget. 

The resulting video makes this place seem like a good investment with professionally-shot drone footage. And it doesn’t hurt that @zillowgonewild picked up the video, resulting in 1.1 million views at the time of writing this post. 

This just goes to show—you never know where your videos will end up!

Don’t Ignore The Elephant In The Room

When Carter posted the video to her Instagram, she wasted no time acknowledging the cemetery in the backyard, writing: R.I.P to the NY Giants☠️ Not the type to scare easy? Our second property on the list of Luxury affordable homes is located in the Mount Airy section of Philadelphia, right in front of a graveyard😳 Still interested?

Sure, a cemetery in the backyard of a home isn’t ideal, but for the optimist, it serves as a constant reminder to make the most of each day.