Yesterday during BAM Pro Bowl, Jimmy Mackin pointed out, “Good markets create bad habits.” It’s been a hard lesson for many agents to learn during the past couple of years. 

That’s why his entire session focused on listing strategies for real estate agents—or really anyone interested in having more conversations, booking more appointments, and closing more sales in 2024. 

(By the way—you can catch Mackin’s entire presentation, along with all the other BAM Pro Bowl speakers–in the full replay, available on BAMx.).

What Mackin recommends to agents is “getting back to basics.” Using Uber as a business example, he identifies what they did correctly and breaks down a listing attraction strategy that will blow up your engagement on all the top communication platforms. 

Because the key to success in real estate, as Mackin’s friend Nick Slocum puts it, is TTP—Talk To People. And if that doesn’t get you where you want to be, TTMP (Talk To More People). 

An effective listing strategy starts with taking a macro view of your environment. That was part of the strategy Mackin used when he partnered up with Tom Ferry for their “100K in 100 Days” challenge. 

It’s also an essential part of the strategy outlined below. 

The unsolicited CMA

The first listing attraction Mackin broke down is the unsolicited CMA. 


Source: BAMx

This is about getting back to the stuff that works. And step one is to get yourself in the habit of sending out at least one unsolicited CMA every day

This is step one because the next steps build on it and take it further to maximize the results of every single CMA you put out there. Because smart agents know how to take one listing and turn it into three (or more). 

In other words, get back to the core stuff that works. But, as Mackin says, don’t stop there. 

Identify marketable moments

The next step in the process is what Mackin calls his “Working in Public” strategy. This is where you look for marketable moments in your everyday experiences and interactions. Be ready to share success stories from CMAs you’ve sent out. 

Then build on it. Mackin demonstrates exactly how to do that. 


Source: BAMx

The Equity Update poll (IG poll)

For the next step, you’ll post an equity update poll on Instagram. And as people reply to your IG poll, you’ll slide into their DMs and ask for an address—which you’ll use to send them an equity update on their home. 


Source: BAMx

If you’re getting an email for every poll response, you’ll then add those people to your database and send them the next listing attraction. 

The Equity Update email

After your poll, you’ll send the next listing attraction: an equity update email, sharing a successful result from a previous CMA and asking, “Can I prepare one for your home?

You’re using the same tactic and extending it across multiple channels—from one unsolicited CMA, to an Instagram poll, to direct messaging, and now to email

Another way to make the most of your email list is to send out a value-based weekly newsletter. And one of the most important parts of that email consists of two letters: P.S. 

That’ll be the prelude to the call to action (CTA) you’ll be adding to the bottom of your email: 

“I just did a home equity update for [your neighbor, a homeowner in your area…] with [these results]. If you’d like one for your home…” 


Source: BAMx

And we’re not done yet. 

Equity Update Direct Mail

Mackin’s final step in this process is to send out an equity update by direct mail. 

Just as before, you’ll be sharing a success story from a previous CMA and asking people whether they’d like to receive an equity update on their home—and potentially get the same successful outcome. 

“We recently [accomplished this result for a seller client] … You live in a highly desirable neighborhood… Text me your address if you’d like an equity update on your home.”

If you’ve been watching Tom Storey’s marketing videos here at BAM, you know direct mail is anything but dead. But not everyone knows how to use it to the best advantage. 

Another way to leverage your email list: send one-to-one videos with equity updates once or twice a year to your database. 

And give them a reason to respond—but, as Ryan Serhant would say, don’t expect them to. 

Lead with value, make every communication about what you can do for them, and leverage the media you have to stay top of mind throughout the year. 

This is how you can get back to basics…start more conversations…book more appointments…stop waiting on mortgage rates, inventory & inflation to take control of your success this year.

Jimmy Mackin

CEO of Curaytor

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