It’s a weird time in real estate.

Mortgage rates are rising. Home prices are, too. Buyers and sellers are stalling, afraid to make moves. Meanwhile, agents are spinning their wheels, thinking of ways to gain clients during a market slowdown. 

Leave it to @thebrokeagent to capture the weirdness in an all-too-relatable post, gaining hundreds of comments from agents.

Not to mention a brilliant follow-up from @rayzorback

Agents, we definitely recommend using other people’s content for inspiration—it’s an easy hack to create more of your own content.

But going back to the original post—there’s a reason it struck a chord with so many people. Here’s a breakdown of some agent reactions:


The post was immediately flooded with comments and emojis relating to the accuracy. Although, some did take offense to the TikTok remark. 

No One Knows What’s Happening

Others have concluded that it’s a complete shit show—and no one knows what they’re doing.

We’ve Been Through it Before

And then there are those who have been through every type of market—and welcome this change, if only as a way to weed out agents. 

What are your thoughts on today’s weird real estate times? Let us know in the comments!