Hello it’s Eric. I have decided to write a weekly marketing blog (don’t hold me to it). Feels good to be back in the saddle.

This week, we covered two stories on the Walk Thru that I want to highlight further.


The first is about Billie Eilish—and don’t worry I am going to somehow spin this into a real estate marketing tactic. 

Earlier this week, Billie Eilish gained a whopping seven million followers in a two-day span after adding all of her followers to her “Close Friends List” on Instagram to announce a new album. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a feature on Instagram where you can upload Instagram stories to an exclusive list that you curate. Only the people on the list can see the Stories. If you have been added to another user’s account, you will see a green around their story. It makes you feel special and more likely to watch.

You can also do this by clicking the three pronged menu on the top right corner, scrolling down to close friends, and then add people in a more quick, efficient way through IG suggestions. 

The point is, as a viewer on IG, you are more likely to click on a story with a green ring around it, and it makes you feel more connected to the user. 

As the creator uploading the story, you can choose whether it goes to everyone or just your “Close Friends.”

For example: (Completely hypothetical situation here of course.) If I’m a Realtor and I’m out clubbing and I want to flash bottle service and post a video inhaling a handle of Patron, I would probably reserve that for my Close Friends story so that my clients (who I haven’t responded to about a pressing matter) don’t see it. 

Amanda Bradford, a guest on this week’s Walk Thru, said she reserves her Close Friends list for other real estate agents so she can rant about stuff that she wouldn’t want her clients to see. This connects to other agents across the country, shows the human side of real estate, and helps with referrals. 

Ok, so what’s the point of all this? The point is you might want to think about utilizing Close Friends lists the way Billie Eilish did: to get more views to your Story and to get eyeballs on important announcements. 

Instead of excluding your clients so they don’t see you misbehaving, add them for certain stories that might appeal to them: 

  • Got a buyer who hasn’t been responding much? Add them to your Close Friends story when you’re looking at houses that might interest them, share it to your Story and you bet your ass they are going to click on it and get FOMO. 
  • Got a new listing that you want to promote? Add everyone to your Close Friends list and make it feel like only they are getting a sneak peak.

Or, do what Billie Eilish did and just add everyone. Except, instead of dropping a platinum album, you’re showing a two-bedroom rental hoping a prospect might shoot you a DM. 

My point is to try it out in different scenarios and if it works!


The second thing you should be aware of this week is that Instagram dropped a new feature: The Notification Sticker. 

Using the notification sticker can help your content break through all the algorithmic noise for the people who turn it on. You can find the sticker in your IG story (where the stickers are) and prompt your audience on how they want to see your posts. Once a viewer taps they can choose what sort of content they want to see: posts, stories, lives, etc.

I would try this in your IG story and try to induce FOMO like: 

Or, if you want more people to watch your Stories, go Create Mode or front-facing camera and say “If you don’t want to miss all the behind-the-scenes prep we do for our listings and our clients, make sure you turn on my post notifications in Stories!”

Less than 10% of our audience sees our IG posts, so anytime we can do something to get more visibility, it’s worth a try.

I highly recommend watching this week’s Walk Thru. Tons of great social tips, and we covered Matt Lionetti’s new listing video, which might be the best we have ever seen. 

Also, make sure you are subscribed to our Viral Agent YouTube Channel because this is where we will be hosting the Walk Thru and all of our marketing content from now on!

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the Masters.