If you’ve been on Instagram this week, chances are you’ve seen this petition:

Make Instagram Instagram again

On Tuesday, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri put out a Reel to explain new features that were being tested.

And users were quick to let him know they were unhappy with the changes.

It seems like just about everyone wants the social media platform to go back to its roots. Criticism that the app is trying too hard to be like TikTok isn’t just coming from users with 100 followers. Celebrities, including the Kardashians, have been vocal about the changes. Could this be why Instagram is listening?

Instagram is Pulling Back on Changes

While several Instagram Reels updates are in full effect, the platform decided to pull back on those that seemed to trigger their users the most: full-screen video and feed recommendations.

Friday morning, Adam Mosseri took to Instagram again—this time responding to feedback on his Stories. Here’s what he had to say about what Instagram is pulling back on, and what it will continue to aim for. 

Full-Screen Feed Design

One feature that was being tested out was a full-screen feed design, similar to the experience you have when you open TikTok. Based on feedback, that feature no longer exists.

The first thing…the new feed design test. We’ve heard you. It’s not working. We’ve actually turned that test off. No one has it as of last night.

Adam Mosseri

Feed Recommendations 

Next up was the number of feed recommendations. Users have been vocal about no longer seeing posts from their friends and families while being oversaturated with recommendations.

For those of you who are anxious about the percentage of feed that are recommendations, I think we got ahead of our skis on this one. I think we were not recommending content that was as relevant as it should be. And so we’ve scaled down the percentage of feed that are recommendation(s). We’re not going to increase that percentage until we are much more confident that you’re discovering things that you love, and then we’re hearing back from people that they’re actually enjoying what they’re seeing.

Adam Mosseri


Many people have also been complaining that all the focus on video takes away from the photo app that Instagram used to be known for. But it looks like IG will continue to emphasize video.

For those of you who just don’t like video, that one’s harder because video is growing with or without us. When we don’t change anything about feed, it grows. Before we did any recommendations, it grows. So we’re going to try and find the right balance and make sure that the video experience on Instagram is great, which it is not yet, while making sure that the photo experience stays great. And so that’s the that’s the trick. That’s the problem to solve.

Adam Mosseri

Creator Reach

The last topic Mosseri discussed in regards to changes was creator reach. Instagram is specifically looking out for smaller creators. 

And lastly, creator reach. It is in Instagram’s business interest to grow reach for every creator as much as we can. That is our goal. But we’re going to prioritize smaller creators over bigger creators when push comes to shove, and I’m going to be honest about that.

Adam Mosseri

It’s nice to know that Instagram is listening to feedback. In the meantime, keep checking back here for more Instagram updates. And while you’re at it, download our Instagram Hacks ebook for The Broke Agent’s social media strategies.