Sinking a hole in one and getting an offer accepted are two very different things—but they can provide the same gratification and excitement. 

You’re holding your breath, submitting that offer, or connecting on that golf ball with the hopes you sink it. 

Ask any first-time buyer in today’s market: setting up for a golf shot and preparing your offer have one thing in common: if things aren’t set up just right, you’ll shank your ball into the woods and the offer to the garbage. 

Sterling Granger perfectly captured these feelings with a recent Reel: 

Hook with Humor

If you’re not familiar with Granger’s work, it’s worth paying attention to. He’s a genius when it comes to turning trending moments and movies into content for the world of real estate (like this one when BAM first launched). 

And this Reel, which is targeted to consumers, is no exception.

The video doesn’t have a buyer on the property celebrating with a giant key. Instead, it trendjacks a memorable hole-in-one from the PGA Championship with a style reminiscent of a Friday Beers video. 

From there, it details the rush that comes along with finally getting an offer accepted—from disbelief to outright excitement.

“For real? This is my new home? (looks around)

This is my house now!”

- First-time homebuyers everywhere

Aside from the comedic ties with real estate, this Instagram video immediately catches the viewer’s attention. Granger not only appealed to his real estate audience on social media but a wider audience who may be scrolling through their explore page and land on this video, increasing Granger’s metrics—and possibly generating more leads because of how original it is. 

Add Value in the Caption

The caption Granger writes under this post gives profound insight for first-time homebuyers. He writes, 

“The last several years have been tough for first-time homebuyers – especially for those utilizing low downpayment options. Winning any sort of bidding war or even getting a glance from sellers has been a struggle… until now!”

Granger continues with a caption that acts as a blog post, speaking to struggling buyers with a sense of empathy. More importantly, he adds value to the consumer by sharing:

  • Information about the market
  • Insights on loan options
  • Which homes to pay attention to
  • Ways to make buyers’ offers stand out

For agents, sharing knowledge like this on social media can provide valuable insight to your audience. Take from Granger how he approaches creating content for consumers. He makes it entertaining but also fills everyone in on ways to make their home-buying dreams a reality. 

Speak to the consumer, and as agents, make what seems impossible possible.