According to the latest Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 87% of home sellers say they would “definitely” or “probably” use their real estate agent again.

Yet, according to that same report, only 26% actually do. 

These stats aren’t new. That gap between happy clients and repeat business is the million-dollar question plaguing most real estate agents. But for Amy Stockberger, leader of the #1 team in South Dakota, it’s a solved problem.  About 80% of her business comes from past clients and referrals every single year.

How does she do it? With a model she’s been using since 2017. And on Wednesday, May 1, she’s teaming up with BAM to share her proven model for building a network of clients for life.

This FREE webinar is your roadmap to building a real estate business that thrives on relationships, not just transactions.

From 1 Client to 5: How to Build a Network of Clients for Life

Amy Stockberger and Byron Lazine
Wednesday, May 1, 2024
3:00 pm ET

Join Amy Stockberger as she teams up with BAM to reveal Lifetime Home Support—a model for building a client network for life.  In this jam-packed session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Avoid hidden pitfalls that sabotage agent growth 
  • Turn a single transaction into a network of loyal clients: Discover strategies to leverage your existing sphere for exponential growth.
  • Build a brand that resonates: Ditch the generic strategies and forge a powerful omnipresent approach that attracts your ideal clients.
  • Become a client champion: Learn the “serve, serve, serve, sell” model to convert satisfied customers into raving fans (and referral machines!).

This session is all about helping you break free from the endless lead chase and build a real estate business that thrives on relationships.

Save your spot for FREE today! Spots are limited, so don’t miss out on this game-changing conversation.