Once you decide you’re ready to take action to grow your business—and you know you need a skilled virtual assistant on your team—it’s time to look at your options. 

In How do I Hire a Virtual Assistant?, we focused on identifying tasks to delegate and creating a job description for the VA your business needs. 

In Volume 2 of BAM’s virtual assistant ebook series, we dive into interviewing and onboarding your virtual assistant. 

After reading this free guide, you’ll know… 

  • The right questions to ask when interviewing virtual assistants
  • Red flags to watch out for (verbal and nonverbal cues)
  • Skills assessments worth inquiring about
  • One of the best ways to assess soft skills in VA candidates
  • The simple but thorough process of hiring with Virtudesk
  • A detailed breakdown of the onboarding process 
  • Key benefits and best practices for onboarding a VA

The sooner you know all this, the sooner you can get the ball rolling and reap the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. 

No time to waste! Click here to download your free copy and dig in! 

Once you see how easy it is to interview, hire, and onboard a skilled, hardworking VA, connect with Virtudesk so they can introduce you to some carefully-chosen candidates. Spend more time on revenue-earning activities and less time on the things you can delegate.