Did you know every person with an Instagram account can plug a link in their Stories? 

At one point, you had to have 10,000 followers to get the iconic swipe-up feature. But now, you don’t even need one

You might be thinking, But Eric, why the hell should I care? I’m not an influencer. I’m not on Bachelor in Paradise. I don’t have a fashion or NFT sponsorship.” 

But you know what you do have? A real estate website, a landing page, an email list to grow, a YouTube channel, articles to share, and property photos to show. You should be utilizing links in your Stories to push all of these. 

Blindly sharing links with no regard for humanity is not a good strategy. So, here are three ways to get more link clicks on Instagram

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Strategy #1 – Rename your link

When you add your URL, you have the option to customize sticker text. Do it. If you don’t, the link will appear as the URL, which is unsightly, boring, and looks like a link. One of my favorite tricks is to rename this link with something more appealing. 

Give it a call to action, like “Watch now!” if it’s a video, or “Click this or die!” 

I also like answering a question with the link as the solution. For example, you could say something like, “Do you want to see a new listing I have coming on the market? Then put your link as something cheeky like, “Yes, of course!” 

(By the way, for more hacks like the ones in this post, download a free copy of BAM’s ebook: 2022 Instagram Hacks.)

Strategy #2 – Set up your link

Build up your Story with something engaging first. Set it up, and then drop the link as you begin racking up those views. 

I like to preview my links with a Story in Create mode and explain what I’m about to plug with text. It’s like a cover slide for a presentation. 

For example, if I’m promoting one of our podcasts, I’ll write something like, “We just filmed the most incredible podcast known to mankind on objection handling. Want to see it?” And then BOOM! Next slide, there’s the link. 

For agents, you can say something like, “New listing coming on the market soon. Want to see a sneak peek?” Maybe throw in a “Yes or No” poll to get the engagement pumping. And then hit ‘em with the plug. 

Strategy #3 – Front-facing camera hack

For me, posting a link in Create mode with a black background and white text explaining why they should click is really effective. But another strategy you can try is using the front-facing camera. Just start talking about what you want people to click on. 

“Hey, what’s up, guys? I just wanted to let you know that I have an email blast that I send out once a week to friends and clients from around the San Diego area. It includes my weekly thoughts on the market, events going on in the community, and pictures of my goldendoodle — plus discounts to certain stores and restaurants. Hit this link (point to it) if you want to receive this email.” 

Bonus hack!

Sandwich your link between two engaging pieces of content. Try to make the Stories before and after the link super-engaging, so you continue getting views before, during, and after your plug. 

The link will hurt your overall Story engagement if it takes people off Instagram. So, try to revive it, after an hour or so, with something that will get interactions. 

Do NOT put multiple links in the same story

Or at least try not to. Littering your Stories with links is a disastrous way to go about business. Pick a day to plug your email blast and then another to plug your property website and so on. 

You’ll notice on @thebrokeagent, I rarely have two separate links within the same 24 hours. It kills engagement. On @brokeagentmedia, we have a lot of content to link out to. We aim to spread links out and use simple text like “Click here to read” or “Find out more.” If it’s an ebook, we’ll say something like, “Download it here for free.” 

The moral of the story is don’t use too many links. They start to lose their potency if you use too many. And keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t like it when your first piece of content for the day is something driving people off the app. So, try not to start a Story with a link. 

Finally, test out different calls to action and check your Story Insights to see what language drives the most clicks. 

For more tips like these, check out BAM’s free ebooks and Agent Marketing page.