Are you ready to generate more leads?

Of course you are. You know that maintaining a pipeline full of leads is key to running a successful real estate business year after year. And you probably already have strategies for lead gen in place. But it’s likely that you could be filling up your pipeline even more to ensure there’s a steady stream of business in the coming weeks, months, and years. 

Instead of spending the year experimenting, start 2024 with a fail-proof plan! BAM and The Agent Confidential are delivering a FREE 5-Day Lead Generation Challenge—a virtual event tailored for real estate agents to develop (and stick to) lead generation strategies for the entire year. 

5-Day Lead Generation Challenge

with Tom Storey, Emma Pace, The Broke Agent, Byron Lazine
January 29 – February 2, 2024
3:00 – 4:00 pm ET

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss This

Lead generation methods from the past couple of years may not cut it in 2024. That’s why we’ve gathered a team of industry experts—Tom Storey, Emma Pace, The Broke Agent, and Byron Lazine—to guide you through this 5-day challenge.

What’s in Store for You?

Day 1: The Importance of a Lead Magnet (and how to build one) 

Kick off the challenge by discovering the significance of a compelling lead magnet. Emma Pace will guide you through crafting a magnet that not only captures attention but ensures a steady influx of leads.

Day 2: How to Send Out Your Magnet (in a way that actually attracts new leads) 

What good is your lead magnet if no one is interested in your pitch? The Broke Agent will reveal strategies to position your lead magnet to your target audience that entices them to sign up for your offer.

Day 3: 4 Pillars of Lead Sources (and how to get business) 

Diversify your lead generation approach with Tom Storey as he dissects the four pillars of lead sources. Ensure a consistent flow of business opportunities from every angle.

Day 4: First 5 Touch Points for a New Lead (exactly what to say) 

Navigating the critical moments when you acquire a new lead can be tricky. Byron Lazine will provide you with the exact words and strategies for the first five touchpoints, turning initial interactions into valuable connections.

Day 5: Converting New Leads into Clients

Bring it all together on the final day as our expert panel shares insights on converting new leads into loyal clients. This is the ultimate step in transforming your lead generation efforts into lasting business relationships.

VIP Perks

For those who want to upgrade to the VIP Package, you’ll delve deeper into each topic with a 30-minute Q&A after each session (that’s 2.5 hours of Q&A with challenges hosts throughout the week!). 

The VIP offer also comes with these exclusive goodies—all for $97:

  • 2 Plug & Play Lead Magnet Templates
  • Many Chat Step-by-step Guide (with the exact wording you need to include)
  • 12-Month Connectivity Plan For Past Clients
  • 5 Scripts to connect with new leads
  • One month of BAMx membership 

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Join us for the 5-Day Lead Generation Challenge and unlock the doors to a future filled with limitless leads and unparalleled success! Act fast – secure your spot now!