On this week’s episode of the Over Ask Podcast, Sarah Desamours joins Matt Lionetti and The Broke agent to discuss what it was like to leave her home in Montreal and build a real estate business from scratch in Miami.

You’ll hear how she navigated networking events, capitalized on the differences in customer service between Canada and Miami, and canvased upscale neighborhoods, door-knocking with her daughter in a stroller.

Sarah talks about how her first six months went, how some of the deals she made fell through, and what she did to pay the bills—working as a single mother and sleeping 4-5 hours a night. And she reveals how one client leveled up her business, leading to real estate deals with top NBA athletes.

As a repeat guest moderator for the 5AM Call, Sarah’s topics have ranged from nighttime routines to what she learned from the shifting market to the advantages of being creative and doing things differently. Some of those same insights come up in today’s episode.

Tune in to hear why it was scary for her to hire an assistant, how hiring a team gave her the leverage to travel and take some much-needed time off, why she posts personal content on her business page, and how waking up at 5:00 am changed her business.

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:

00:0000:29 Intro

05:24 The first six months building a business in Miami  

13:02 Customer service in Canada vs Miami and how she capitalized on that

14:29 The client that took her to the next level

18:32 What happened after 6 months of doing well

21:46 What she did to pay the bills when her deals fell through

25:49 Door knocking with her daughter in a stroller

28:22 How she works directly with NBA athletes

30:12 What she does differently that clients like

33:34 What she did before she hired her first assistant

35:48 Why it was scary to hire an assistant (but ultimately 100% worth it)

42:25 How waking up at 5 am changed her business

44:08 Examples of what she says when hosting the 5AM Call

50:10 Why she posts personal content on her business page

57:06 Her three goals for 2023

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