Real estate agents often fixate on what it’s like to live in a home they are selling. While that is an important aspect, you might want to consider showing buyers what it would be like to live outside the home. 

Sharing with a potential buyer what their day-to-day would feel like living in a particular area— where they would shop, where they would eat, and how it would “feel”—is called showcasing a lifestyle. 

Lifestyle marketing allows you to show a potential client what it’s like to be the owner of a particular home—and that includes enjoying the community and surrounding areas. 

You’re not just selling a product (the home itself); you’re advertising a way of life

Big brands often turn to lifestyle marketing to show what it’s like to live the lifestyle rather than just one particular aspect of buying their shoes or clothing. This Under Armour post showcases its Project Rock Sanctuary collection, featuring The Rock in two of his favorite places: Mana Farms and the gym.

As a real estate agent, you can do the same thing. And you don’t have to be a large brand to make it happen. 

Here are a few ways you can incorporate lifestyle marketing as a real estate agent.

#1—Create video content that is location-specific

When you’re at showings, make sure you understand the neighborhood so you can “sell” that lifestyle.

For example, learn about— 

  • what’s happening at the clubhouse every month, 
  • what new development is being built across the street, 
  • what is unique about that particular area. 

This showcases your expertise and knowledge of the area, especially if you’re an agent who has a lot of buyers migrating from other states. Imagine how a potential buyer, who is not familiar with the area, will feel when you give them this well-rounded perspective. 

With one of my recent listings, I incorporated drone footage of a brand-new shopping center that was being built right across the street into my listing video. This showcased to potential clients what it would feel like knowing they could walk, run, cycle or even golf cart to a restaurant or shop across the street from their potential new home.

#2—Send your location video as an email

Sometimes, it can be hard to know what to email your clients. Why not send them your location-specific videos, whether it’s drone footage for a specific property or a video you created for social media?

Let your clients know about what is going on even if they live nearby. You never know when someone is thinking about buying or selling, so keeping an engaged email newsletter is key.

#3—Create a lifestyle marketing video

Don’t have any listings? Well, this is a perfect time to create lifestyle marketing videos! Create content in your preferred neighborhood or market to showcase your expertise as a real estate agent. Take a look at Ken Pozek who does a great job at embodying lifestyle marketing in his videos. 

Some video ideas to get you started: 

Lifestyle marketing allows your target audience to see you as the authority in your area—not just as a real estate agent selling homes but as a lifestyle expert. Incorporating this into your content creation rotation keeps you front and center in the minds of your clients and helps you manage follow-up with potential and past clients.