This week on The Walk Thru, Ken Pozek and Marley Presswood join Dan Oneil and The Broke Agent to discuss, the viral video showing a Utah home falling off a cliff. Turns out, there was more than one

Next up was a piece by BAM Creator Troy Palmquist on what agents need in their car, with agent feedback and a list of essential items for your “real estate go bag.” 

Topic #3 covered a BAM article on YouTube Shorts strategy, based on a study by Paddy Galloway, which he shared on a recent Twitter thread that went viral. 

From there, the conversation turns to another BAM piece by BAM Creator Tom Toole on “Finding Listings in the Wild.” 

Stay to the end for some entertaining agent marketing Reels by @benfisherteam

Click on any of the timestamps below to watch:  

00:0002:48 Intro

02:48 Topic #1: Utah houses falling off a cliff

10:38 Topic #2: What agents need in their car 

15:38 Topic #3: YouTube Shorts strategy by Paddy Galloway

24:04 Topic #4: Finding listings in the wild 

38:03 Topic #5: Spotlight: agent marketing wins by @benfisherteam

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