This is the city guide that’s going to help you stop paying for leads. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed how huge ManyChat has gotten as a tool for growing your email list. Everybody has been talking about it. 

It’s really easy to connect a ManyChat to one of your listings and share content about the listing. (For a full course on how to do so, check out this one in BAMx!)

The challenge with that is the only people commenting on these ManyChats are real estate agents who are curious about what you’re sharing—plus some people who are legitimately looking to buy a house. 

The problem? You’re spending so much time and energy creating this material. How do you make something more evergreen to capture leads for free?

That’s where the city guide comes in. Ready to create your own? Download this editable template to get started!

The Power of Evergreen Content

A well-crafted city guide acts as evergreen content, attracting leads consistently over time. Unlike time-sensitive materials, your guide provides lasting value to potential buyers who are interested in your area. 

Build Trust and Capture Leads

By offering a free city guide packed with valuable information, you establish yourself as a trusted advisor, with knowledge of the local scene. This resource also helps you to capture leads organically, as people who download your guide become part of your nurturing funnel. 

What to Include in Your City Guide

Here are a few things you can include in your city guide:

  • Parks and Recreation: Highlight family-friendly spots, parks, and outdoor activities.
  • Hospitals: Be sure to include the not-so-fun but incredibly important info!
  • Local Businesses and Amenities: Feature restaurants, shops, and services that make the area vibrant. 
  • Community Events and Hotspots: Showcase the unique offerings and lifestyle of the area.

Ready to Get Started? Download My Free Template

Here’s the best part: you don’t have to start from scratch. Download my free, editable city guide template and create your own customized guide for your city!

This will help you attract local buyers organically, build trust, and nurture relationships that convert into long-term clients.