Contrary to what some consumers believe, not every listing flies off the market within minutes of listing. 

It’s happened to all agents: a house has been sitting on the market for what feels like a century, and finally, a lowball offer saunters in like it’s the king of the negotiating game. Cue the question:

Should sellers always make a counter offer?

A recent post by The Broke Agent sparked a frenzy in the comment section, focusing on the art of counter offers:

Always Counter Offer

The “Always Counter Offer” crew insists that listing agents should never let a potential buyer slip away. They argue for at least providing a counter offer (or having the sellers sign a rejection). While some agents even suggested countering higher than the original list price, just to make your point clear. 

Stop Sending Low Ball Offers

Other the other hand, “Stop Sending Low Ball Offers” agents firmly believe that if the offer is a blatant insult, there’s no point in countering. They argue for saving time and preserving seller dignity.

It depends on the situation

And then we have the diplomats, who understand that every situation is unique. They advocate for a case-by-case approach, weighing the circumstances before deciding whether to counter or not.

No Thank You

Of course, amidst all the opinions, there’s always that one soul-crushing comment that makes agents question their life choices. We’ve all been there, wondering why we willingly subject ourselves to the trials and tribulations of the real estate world.

In the world of counter offers, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But strong negotiation skills (and the ability to laugh about the mishaps) are some of your greatest assets as an agent.