The market is slowing.

The holidays are here. 

And agents know that going back to the basics will benefit their business…but there’s only one problem. 

It’s too easy to make excuses. Just ask Danny Deals O’Neil

That House Looks Mean

No doubt, Danny Deals perfectly captured the inner monologue of every agent who has walked up to a stranger’s door, neighborhood comps in hand. A quick scroll through the comments shows just how many people relate. 

(Side note: when scrolling, you’ll also notice Dan responded to every comment, keeping the engagement of this post going. If you aren’t doing this, it’s time to start.)

Get Back to Basics

We’ve all made excuses, but now’s the time to move past them and commit to the daily activities that will produce results in 2023. 

The basics can mean different things to different agents. Some convert leads over the phone, others do best in person, and others have an incredible referral game. Whatever strategy works for you, double down and commit to having more real estate conversations so you can start 2023 strong.